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To Hasatan.
Hasatan, 28 Mei 2017 17:04
S S S S Suckers!

To Forgetmenot.
Forgetmenot, 27 Mei 2017 17:24
meaningless , meaningless , meaningless .

To Godhimself.
''The Fist and the Last'' Godhimself, 27 Mei 2017 13:57
William. You're being primed for a fall. Its not me doing it. Its in my interests that Justice prevails. I dont feel very English whats happened to me, but at the end of the day I wanted to be a Professional Footballer, not a murderer.

We are in the New Age now. I hope the New Age energies bed in, suprise suprise they are meant to be PEACEFUL.

I've run out of bugs now. And said my fair share of goodbyes already. I have nothing left to say really. 771305 if you care.

To Godhimself.
This bloke >>>>>>>>> Godhimself, 27 Mei 2017 13:20
Ain't God. At all. God Himself doesn't exist in any form whatsoever. My opinion, is that if The Mother was God, The Miracle of The British Republic would happen almost imminently. The Mana will wear off. I do not believe there is a God, has ever been one, or will ever be one. Buddhism is a fail safe overseen by Aliens, in my opinion. Aliens are jealous of us. Some of them. They oversee a lot of beliefs. I believe we are better than them, and they know it. I'll stand corrected if The Queen loses

To Godhimself.
Godhimself, 27 Mei 2017 13:21
Her head.

To Godhimself.
If I can get Godhimself, 27 Mei 2017 11:06
a decent Lawyer to represent me I will commence proceedings against The Crown for unlawfully, malevolently and intentionally inflicting brain damage on me during a botched Rhinoplasty operation in 1997 or was it 1998 under the supposed care of Dr. Chowdhurry and PPP private Health Insurance at a BUPA Hospital in Brentwood, Essex. I understand MI5 spook? Mark Fowler was involved in facilitating the assault? Perhaps he can be called as a Witness.

To Hasatan.
I come back to say this Hasatan, 26 Mei 2017 20:19
but not only this.

Go back there. You Ice-Cream

To Scapowsky.
Scapowsky, 26 Mei 2017 16:19
Cheers! I mean, well I mean I hope its all to your good taste! Lol.



To Scapowsky.
Scapowsky, 26 Mei 2017 16:12
I've been fascinated with this name for about 17 years! Lol. Fucknose what that means!

To Scapowsky.
Scapowsky, 26 Mei 2017 16:11
I keep thinking about Bananas! I guess they are not Apples after all. Monkeys don't eat Apples do they? Do they? Not computer Apples anyway!

To Okiwoki.
Know what... Okiwoki, 26 Mei 2017 15:20
I've read The Bible; Old Testament and New. I've read The Quran. I believe I have spoken to these people as well. I do not believe any of them are really God. I mean, not really. I have written The (third! Hahahaha) Book of Lucifer. I consider that I am under influence when I am saying this, but...

God exists. God wants us to be Good. Just be good is the answer. Time will unravel the Mysteries of God and The Universe for all our benefits.

My higher self is doing alot of this.

To Okiwoki.
Okiwoki, 26 Mei 2017 15:22
I told you I would like to give you a blast of Spirit using Zen. I find it very difficult to do protracted Chess like Thinking. I believe I was brain damaged yes. By MI5. Intentionally. My higer self wants to know who God is. He wants God to show their hand

To Okiwoki.
Okiwoki, 26 Mei 2017 15:25
So to speak.

God Willing we all be FREE in this New Age of Aquarius!

I will stop now. I have shown you my own hand to some extent. I dont hate anyone. Jews and MI5 included. I do want a life worth living though... what do I need to do to get that? Obviously!

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