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naam: Justanobody
latijns:lasius emarginatus f

To Justanobody.
memes Justanobody, 25 Okt 2017 18:26
I am lonely and in pain but I have a dope ass meme page on instagram so follow it @thegoodank

To Rtzoozie.
P E E P E E Rtzoozie, 29 Okt 2017 15:50

To Imadeyoureadthis.
PEEPEE Imadeyoureadthis, 18 Nov 2017 07:50

To Justanobody.
thank you ? Justanobody, 20 Okt 2017 19:07
this has put exactly how I feel into words , thank God

To Wob.
The theory of everything... Wob, 21 Okt 2017 20:45

2x - x = x / y

Where x = any specified figure and y = Infinity

It is an electro-magnetic equation based on the sympathetic supposition that 2 - 1 = 0, or 1 away from 2 is 0.

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