Welkom bij de insecten.

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Naar Lolzwever.
66 Lolzwever, 27 Mei 2017 06:12
op naar de


Naar Sjokotovv.
Sjokotovv, 27 Mei 2017 06:37


Naar Marlies.
ben jij altijd Marlies, 27 Jul 2017 21:58
al zo'n doorzettertje geweest?

Naar Lolzwever.
66 Lolzwever, 27 Jul 2017 22:12
getallen hebben invloed op mijn leven denk ik.
zo was 8 mijn geluks getal en ben ik met agnes getrouwd, genaamd 8gie.
en wat doorzetten betreft,
daar hoop ik op wat mijn huwelijk met haar is.
hoop nog op velen jaren

Naar Okiwoki.
Hi Okiwoki, 26 Mei 2017 10:37

Naar Marlies.
ja? Marlies, 26 Mei 2017 21:16
en toen?

Naar Koffieboontje.
en toen was er koffie..... Koffieboontje, 27 Mei 2017 06:23


Naar Godhimself.
I thought Godhimself, 27 Mei 2017 10:03
you were trying to get rid of me? But you want more now? Answers? If God is a woman Britain is going to be a Republic. Nobody else is going to do her bidding for her. She can do a Miracle against all odds and turn the tables and prove that she is The Creator and not anyone else. You will soon find out the merit of Lucifer if there is any. Shit is bad karma. Ok? Do you understand? Knuckle dusters are also bad karma what do you want from knuckle dusters? Do you want to eat one?

Naar Godhimself.
I suppose Godhimself, 27 Mei 2017 10:34
you want to know what good karma is then? Good karma is PEACE. Think about what that actually means? Lambs want peace as well, but so does grass. I guess we shouldn't really be eating Apples either, but Lucifer may think otherwise, and who knows, maybe he is actually right, and his Mother is God The Creator.

Naar Boedhista.
klok.hier Boedhista, 26 Mei 2017 07:15


Naar Sjokotovv.
Sjokotovv, 26 Mei 2017 07:28
7 uur - OPSTAAN - tijd voor de noden des levens !


Naar Okiwoki.
Hi Okiwoki, 25 Mei 2017 20:46

Naar Scapowsky.
Scapowsky, 25 Mei 2017 19:34
Breng de chat terug Jogchem!


Naar Marlies.
daar Marlies, 28 Mei 2017 01:52
zeg je zowat! waar is de gootsteen gebleven? een wit gat geworden dat zichzelf heeft verslonden?

Naar Fore.
Hmmm! Fore, 25 Mei 2017 17:00
Kluges Zeug!


Naar Sjokotovv.
Goei'nochtend insectoiden !koffie.hier Sjokotovv, 25 Mei 2017 07:03


Naar Scapowsky.
Here at the Epicenter Scapowsky, 25 Mei 2017 10:43
we know all about different kinds of coffee. You have more of a problem with other things though


Naar Komkommer.
This does not make sense Komkommer, 25 Mei 2017 13:28

You're as crazy as a backdoor


Naar Scapowsky.
You Scapowsky, 25 Mei 2017 13:40
are speaking the right way around, about being back to front

Naar Scapowsky.
Scapowsky, 24 Mei 2017 16:14
Die goede oude tijd! :0)


Naar Marlies.
o je Marlies, 26 Mei 2017 21:14
last van de warmte?

Naar Hasatan.
Yeeeeeeeeeeees Hasatan, 24 Mei 2017 12:13
I know God, but grief I am well known for fits of humour and perhaps a not to comical interest in deceit. At least that's what I am bound to say for now.


Naar Bigbelly.
I like the Dutch Bigbelly, 24 Mei 2017 11:54
you lot are good, worthy people. I'm not going to say you are better that the English, where I live, but you are worth it.

I wrote a book which the English Establishment are up in arms about...


I believe the Americans are not so concerned more interested in its truth (if they can find any!).

You seem to be pretty laid back people lets see what happens a?!

I thought I was Lucifer when I was writing it. Honestly I sort of did. I'm not Satan anyway, although...

Naar Bigbelly.
Bigbelly, 24 Mei 2017 12:02
he is much to do with me Spiritually. Synchronicity helps explain what I mean. We all have our Spirit after all don't we?!

There is one thing I would like to draw your attention to my Brethren, which is Elohim, Adonai, Christ. Please look into the origin and etymmology of the name Elohim the Trinity is par excellence for understanding many things not least Magic - which we are all interested in.

I have a twitter account that you might be interested in... @5onie_5later... please feel welcome...

Naar Bigbelly.
Bigbelly, 24 Mei 2017 12:09
to follow me if you are interested in that kind of thing.

I will keep my interest in Bugs like I have over the years using many different names. I never meant to aggrieve any of you or put you out I just thought I could give you a blast of Spirit using Zen technology. Apparently the English don't like me being to intellectual although I confirm I would be or would like to be sometime, a Grand Chess Novelist, and most likely linguist at least if Google Translate didn't exist! Ha!

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