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To Baxter.
sink! Baxter, 22 Mei 2019 07:25
interact ...in the sink!

To Baxter.
get into the sink....visit! Baxter, 19 Mei 2019 09:03
that's what this site was/is meant to be...visiting with other bugs......why is this not a normal thing now?

To Tearshedinheaven.
,,,,,, Tearshedinheaven, 17 Mei 2019 19:11
they say absence makes the heart grow fonder
but it just makes my bones ache for you

To Baxter.
wtf Baxter, 19 Mei 2019 09:00
does no bugs get into the sink anymore???

To Msbutterflyxxx.
this empty placedodo.here Msbutterflyxxx, 17 Mei 2019 17:42
Haha... Anyone here at 2019? This site is quite interesting...

To Tearshedinheaven.
,,,,, Tearshedinheaven, 16 Mei 2019 19:04
learning to be happier without you

To Giulia.
Things happen Giulia, 15 Mei 2019 18:39
What does it feel like to grow up? It has been a constant feel of nostalgia for the past few months, completion for some reason, but I'm learning now that there is no rose without thorns. Loved ones approaching their final days, horrific sights, the fear of being powerless; but that incredible force is still pushing me out of the darkness. I'm eighteen, that's it.

To Tearshedinheaven.
,,,,, Tearshedinheaven, 12 Mei 2019 23:40
nothing feels real anymore!
i quiet the sound of my heart breaking
as to not disturb those with happy lives

To Khashifn.
Bugs Khashifn, 11 Mei 2019 16:36
Hello Bugs!
i'm new here! whatsup?

To Toenail.
welcome Toenail, 12 Mei 2019 08:01
we are happy to have you fellow bug

To Khashifn.
info Khashifn, 12 Mei 2019 23:14
can you tell me more about here?

To Toenail.
... Toenail, 18 Mei 2019 16:57
we're all just bugs sharing whats on our mind on this forum type thingy. that's pretty much all there is to it!

To Imabug.
title.wait.here Imabug, 08 Mei 2019 15:13
guys guess what i hate bananas

To Imabug.
hmmmmwait.here Imabug, 08 Mei 2019 15:12
please be kind

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