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To Invalidnumber.
I haven't been here in like ten years... Invalidnumber, 29 Mrt 2021 07:34
Allo :)

To Henryhackit.
Hey, Henryhackit, 03 Apr 2021 15:41
welcome back then :)
I know I found this way more interesting 10 years ago. how about you?

To Sodafizz.
Flash Sodafizz, 26 Mrt 2021 20:21
Now that flash is gone, this site has gone dry...

To Aetheraz.
:/ Aetheraz, 28 Mrt 2021 23:24

To Aetheraz.
sure, why not Aetheraz, 12 Mrt 2021 15:16
am i the only one who thinks about that 4chan isis bombing escapade of 2016 waaaaay too much? could be my hyperfixation talking, but i think that might be the most worthwhile thing they’ve ever done-

To Stoneskyguy.
hmmm Stoneskyguy, 18 Mrt 2021 19:07
can you elaborate more on this isis 4chan thing?

To Aetheraz.
yeah, here Aetheraz, 18 Mrt 2021 20:17
it’ll take forever for me to explain, so here’s a doc i translated off an (german) article about it:

To Stoneskyguy.
ahh Stoneskyguy, 19 Mrt 2021 16:59
Alright I'll take a look. also did you delete that last conversation we had about this site?? Very off-topic but it's kind of strange..

To Aetheraz.
wait- Aetheraz, 20 Mrt 2021 00:36
holy crap, it *is* gone !

To Stoneskyguy.
Wow.. Stoneskyguy, 20 Mrt 2021 02:59
I guess the bugs community is really shushing us up eh..?

To Aetheraz.
heh Aetheraz, 21 Mrt 2021 02:41
no joke!

To Buggiebug.
alone Buggiebug, 05 Mrt 2021 11:08

To Stoneskyguy.
Hello Stoneskyguy, 11 Mrt 2021 22:03
how are you? :)

To Flizia.
hi Flizia, 01 Mrt 2021 15:35
I like water and prog rock and cats

To Sonia.
Hello dear bugs Sonia, 24 Feb 2021 15:08
It's so nice to be back! Hope you are all doing well!

To Octavio.
Hello bugs! Octavio, 23 Feb 2021 02:04
Hello everyone. I have been having a vicious battle with my own mind and my emotions, but I am managing. I am wishing everyone who reads this a great day.

To Stoneskyguy.
I feel ya Stoneskyguy, 11 Mrt 2021 22:05
I myself have been going through things myself. Just letting you know you aren't alone in this. Anyways stay healthy and hope you have a great year!

To Ell.
Hello Ell, 31 Jan 2021 09:16

To Stoneskyguy.
:) Stoneskyguy, 31 Jan 2021 22:06
Hi there :)

To Taphaniang.
My deja vu is always so brightgift.here Taphaniang, 26 Jan 2021 09:46
Like in a whiter room. With the light shining through dust particles.

To Taphaniang.
yo Taphaniang, 26 Jan 2021 06:11
Took me awhile to find this site. Saw it a year ago or so. I miss flash. My favorite flash site was probably Tane.us


To Stoneskyguy.
Yoo Stoneskyguy, 31 Jan 2021 22:18
Thanks for the site :)

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