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To Sneebo.
Hi Sneebo, 20 Sep 2021 01:37
Add Thesonicdude#4862 on discord and dm him ''The pleeb''

To Blackchatter.
Hellobike.here Blackchatter, 18 Sep 2021 23:33
Anyone around?

To Aviel.
Hallo Aviel, 20 Sep 2021 22:58
What a lovely little hidden site, how are u


To Ladyeliza.
hi Ladyeliza, 20 Sep 2021 23:18
i'm having a good day :] check out this song ! it's in spanish !


To Bilawal.
Confusedlight.here Bilawal, 16 Sep 2021 20:24
Any one else tell me what is main purpose of this site

To Littlebit.
That is main purpose: Littlebit, 16 Sep 2021 23:09
Confusing you.

To Sadbug.
bugs Sadbug, 12 Sep 2021 20:07
I love everyone's bugs

To Sneebo.
Thabjk you Sneebo, 20 Sep 2021 01:42
Thank you.


To Thesweetbuzzing.
creator Thesweetbuzzing, 05 Sep 2021 09:49
i really hope youre doing well man, this site was my childhood

To Gideon.
on being meself.here Gideon, 01 Sep 2021 19:36
i am trying to figure out what it means to be me myself for a school project. anyone got any ideas?

To Stoneskyguy.
Oh Stoneskyguy, 31 Aug 2021 03:40
do I think I can never fall in love again
not as much as I do when I fall for music
as it eases my trauma, my childhood memories,
eases the pain that has slowly burned through my sensitive, pale skin.
Oh do I agree! Music is a wonderful thing humans have made, making it the most beautiful art form ever.

To Pio.
amazing Pio, 21 Aug 2021 19:12
I remember this site every now and again after so long. (often the Peanuts post) Then found the site hidden in my bookmarks. So many memories reading the pages here. Glad it is still around. I hope all are doing good.

To Peepee.
hi Peepee, 24 Aug 2021 21:21

To Stoneskyguy.
Isn't it beautiful? Stoneskyguy, 31 Aug 2021 03:41
Such memories made all because of one person.

To Neb.
So happy it's still hereescape.here Neb, 11 Aug 2021 15:58
Just found this website again after a lot of searching. This place means a lot to me. I used to play around here at the early 2000's as a kid (obviously not the target audience), wasn't even able to read English properly. Now I can appreciate not only the beautiful, touching, ahead-of-it's-time art, but also the sensitive texts.
Thank you for this site and for keeping it alive.

To Kindasorta.
me too!! Kindasorta, 01 Dec 2021 23:36
i was also here as a kid who didn't really get anything & tried to write these really ''deep'' comments lolll, i'm so glad this site is still alive!

To Voynich.
AZOTH Voynich, 28 Jul 2021 11:49

Bibliotheque des philosophes chimiques. Nouvelle edition, revûë, corrigée et augmentée de plusieurs philosophes, avec des Figures & des Notes pour faciliter l'intelligence de leur Doctrine. Par Monseiur J.M.D.R., Paris, 1740-54.


To Hyphydrus.
Azoth Hyphydrus, 08 Aug 2021 18:13
The perfected product and end goal of alchemy.

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