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To Angeltears.
Tue Oct 19 1:34PM Angeltears, 19 Okt 2021 19:34
Senior year of college gonna get my BFA so glad to have been here for as long as I have... Remember it's just a bad day, not a bad life.

To Ykyk.
my back hurts Ykyk, 19 Okt 2021 16:24
I have been studying all day and I want to sleep but I'm trying to stay awake because I always have nightmares when I sleep in noon

To Ruen.
you were a home i wanted to grow up in Ruen, 14 Okt 2021 16:32
i'll always miss you and the life we didn't have.

To Gumballcookie.
ya Gumballcookie, 10 Okt 2021 09:07
woah i didnt know this was a real forum or whatever damn this is cool as hell

To Mondratte.
yes ! Mondratte, 25 Okt 2021 16:09
its super cool, odd though, but cool

To Octoberlane.
moth Octoberlane, 09 Okt 2021 06:32
didn't think i'd end up here again but here I am, truly with nothing left.

To Spog.
bugs Spog, 08 Okt 2021 21:58
i dont like bugs tbh

To Lunalovelle.
Words Lunalovelle, 06 Okt 2021 17:46
I dont really have anything too say. But I have a desire too say something.
So, heres something.

To Joannacreatesart.
How do you do? Joannacreatesart, 06 Okt 2021 00:59
It's like turning over a rock and finding so many cool bugs! Hope anyone who reads this has a great day/night!

To Fletcher.
Jogchem Fletcher, 04 Okt 2021 22:54
We miss you bro, you're the realist and know that all your loyal bugs are waiting for when you wanna pick us back up.

To Cranberrypeaches.
hopewishing.here Cranberrypeaches, 04 Okt 2021 19:40
wishing is fear of setting a goal

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