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To Ryxian.
Life Ryxian, 18 Dec 2017 07:52
Sometimes life has a good taste, sometimes it just smells bad.

To Suraj.
hi Suraj, 17 Dec 2017 03:31
any body here


To Kapil.
money problems Kapil, 09 Dec 2017 15:41
textAny budy help me i need 1cr.. Urgent need plezz hlp me..


To Fantasitc.
what do you say to people Fantasitc, 07 Dec 2017 03:43
how do you foster connections? i'm lonely and my arms are crossed. i'd like a slice of mind.

To Viktron.
peanut allergypeanuts.here Viktron, 04 Dec 2017 07:54
cannot indulge

To Bipin.
yup Bipin, 07 Dec 2017 23:42
I've got it too

To Toru.
This is... so old.wishing.here Toru, 21 Nov 2017 14:12
Abandoned, I'd say.

To Viktron.
old Viktron, 04 Dec 2017 08:01
we're still here

To Bipin.
old Bipin, 07 Dec 2017 23:43
new recruit right here!

To Skywave.
home Skywave, 19 Nov 2017 04:55
theres something about quiet obscure places on the internet that interest me

i like looking into other peoples lives, fragments of another self, another place

To Skywave.
hey Skywave, 19 Nov 2017 04:53
im really sad a lot and im never sure what to do about it


To Memoir.
i like it here.. Memoir, 21 Nov 2017 02:30
its small and hidden from those that seek to crush me. thank you.

To Bipin.
yeah Bipin, 07 Dec 2017 23:44
that's exactly why i'm here. just got out of an emotionally abusive relationship. friends are nice, but it's also nice going somewhere completely new, completely fresh. no one who wants to hurt me can get me here.

To Imadeyoureadthis.
Strange but… Imadeyoureadthis, 18 Nov 2017 07:39
So this site may be a little strange (what with talking bugs, clams that can talk, upside down people, serendipity, and eyeball diets) but if you think this is strange I have another site for you just click the link.


To Irdnya.
your site Irdnya, 27 Dec 2017 20:48
Your website is ewird but kinda cool

To Imadeyoureadthis.
title Imadeyoureadthis, 17 Nov 2017 23:33

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