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To Nothing.
very very niceapart.here kike from argn, 11 Sep 2006 04:40
awesome i liked

To Nothing.
spiderapart.here adnan, 12 Aug 2006 22:28
awesome, brilliant

To Nothing.
Wowapart.here Bj, 23 Feb 2006 21:34
Wow some one had too much time on there hands!

To Nothing.
karde┬║im ne bu yaa ????apart.here sekerlady, 07 Okt 2005 19:51

To Maadell.
...apart.here Maadell, 27 Aug 2005 21:43
really liked!

To Godiva.
By apart.here Godiva, 17 Mei 2005 02:33
eating truckloads of asparagus.

To Viona.
i dont knowapart.here Viona, 05 Jan 2005 14:15
how people live on if they dont lie?

To Nothing.
name, 05 Jan 2005 14:19
u sound sooooo powerful. flex ur muscles for us.

To Nothing.
mrbean, 05 Jan 2005 15:46

To Zombiegal.
these thing on the site is depressingapart.here Zombiegal, 23 Dec 2004 17:41
very depressin but the chat is good!!

To Bluebell.
AGREED, Zombiegal, Bluebell, 24 Dec 2004 02:27
I've only been crawling around this site a couple of weeks now, tho I've lurked for quite awhile. You'll see a lot of weird bugs...some with bad attitudes, some who complain and whine about 'their poor depressed lives', and some, well, let's just say they have no lives!!! But..it's the Christmas season and time for 'normal' bugs to overlook such weird behavior, tho some don't even like the word 'Christmas' or anything to ''DO'' with the holiday. Such as the depressed butterfly, Evelle, who must be a miserable soul. Tsk,tsk...

To Nothing.
Bluebell, Just wondering, 24 Dec 2004 23:56
why so down on Evelle?

To Bluebell.
For Just Wondering Bluebell, 25 Dec 2004 01:16
Please take a look at the text that Evelle writes. SHE is contantly 'down and depressing'. Ya know, when you see someone constantly whining and complaining, you figure there has got to be a reason behind it all. Most likely to get attention since perhaps she never got any at home or ever was loved. Even Zombiegal (above) noticed this. I guess we'll never know, nor should we really care. Just pity the poor lil' butterfly and others like her. I still wish all depressed bugs a Merry Christmas. Silverbells and Bluebells.

To Nothing.
your a moron name, 26 Dec 2004 00:37
noone cares about you

To Pomiform.
a wing apartapart.here Pomiform, 15 Dec 2004 21:57
Oh help. It's happened. My body parts are vanishing. My two right wings have sneeked away without informing me. Why?

To Nothing.
Phsyco babiesapart.here Izzie wizzy lets get busy, 30 Nov 2004 22:07
In the next few months my boyfriend and I will be creating phsyco babies to take over the world so that I may rule it, you could say I'm a black widow...but I'd say I'm just a bitch....

To Nothing.
title1 name1, 10 Dec 2004 20:01

To Nothing.
Pscho Babies Rock! GWBush, 10 Dec 2004 20:16
I have all their albums. I have a poster of them on my bedroom wall. Wow.

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