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To Selfindulgent.
sorrybike.here Selfindulgent, 13 Mrt 2002 06:09
it was i who stole ur bike...i'd give it back but it was stolen by a greaser who was paid by a big fat guy to do so...then given to a rich actor boy who does not want to give it up...sorry

To Nothing.
bike stole you name, 03 Okt 2002 03:45
see topic

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catfishbike.here pete, 12 Mrt 2002 05:41
textget the phone willie

To Nothing.
Ninjasbike.here Ben Chuds, 25 Feb 2002 19:58
The cloudy day encouraged me to become a ninja. I put on the mask, along with the turban and i was off on my quest for victory. The victory i had always dreamed of. The onions were my friends

To Nothing.
Securitybike.here Ben, 25 Jan 2002 13:13
You need a better lock.

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Oh no!bike.here Bike Lover, 05 Jan 2002 19:32
The ''bike''is an intelligent question to robbers. On my block a boy said that i stole his bike because my bike looked the same. But mine was the girls' huffy. So one of his firends examined the bike. When he said it was a girls' bike, he finally shut-up. Bike has made my day.

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