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To Nothing.
new bikebike.here Allan, 02 Okt 2002 19:51
You should insure your bike then you could have a new one every time it was nicked.

To Nothing.
Just ?uriousbike.here joseph j lambert JOSEN1 dokdestro@yahoo., 19 Aug 2002 23:15
text when do the insects get to bitch? They buzz, I get dizzy. Buzzey bingo blotter blocking concentration with Fsharp. ( the frequency of flie's wings.

To Nothing.
uh huhbike.here me, 28 Jul 2002 03:53
i am slowly going crazy
crazy going slowly am i
am i slowly crazy going

To Fix.
Should Ibike.here Fix, 22 Jul 2002 19:12
buy a new stolen bike from Brick Lane to replace the old stolen one?

That would be immoral; I guess.

To Nothing.
title1 name1, 13 Nov 2002 21:52

To Nothing.
zoe's red bikebike.here zoe, 03 Jul 2002 14:11
jesus, my red childish bike is gone too.
a prick stole it from my garage two days ago.
i used to ride it when i was 6.
it was my own precious thing.

To Englishbob.
If you ever Englishbob, 28 Mrt 2003 04:54
find who took your bike you will be allowed to kill them. Its the law.

To Nothing.
Psychobike.here Shocked, 08 Mei 2002 00:09
Have you ever seen a psychiatrist?

To Annadel.
are u from outerspace?bike.here Annadel, 30 Apr 2002 04:47
a lock like the one showed on screen? dear love, i don't even have to be drunk to take it...

By the way, feel off my bike when i was nine, with my front teeth on the edge of the 'pavement' (borduur van 't trottoir in 't nederlands), braindamage and lifelong visits to the dentist (neverending story off missing front teeth and dental technical progress trying to fill that empty space) - how u like me now?

To Marlaine.
The solution.bike.here Marlaine, 07 Apr 2002 05:44
Get a real cheap bike, the kind nobody would want. You won't get it stolen then.

To Tochka.
learning englishbike.here Tochka, 23 Mrt 2002 11:01
My bike has been stolen again.
Has my bike been stolen again?
What has happened to my bike?
Whose bike has been stolen again?
What has been stolen again?
My bike has been stolen again, hasn't it?

To Nothing.
abuse khan, 24 Mrt 2002 12:01

To Nothing.
PURPLE CENTAPEDEbike.here HARRY, 19 Mrt 2002 09:54

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