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To Nothing.
title 999(evolution)bike.here name 999, 30 Okt 2003 03:28
This is life we have to move on, it was said there was nothing wrong with the old one why change it! because the new one is far more superior. IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON

To Nothing.
Gorey-ish-esque-likebike.here Snjofriudur1, 03 Sep 2003 08:33
Why does this word permutation thing make me think of Edward Gorey? I don't know why, but it does. Ah, language! Fun stuff.

To Nancy.
I found it Nancy, 25 Nov 2003 03:02
It was at Elephant House Or, The Home of Edward Gorey.

To Nothing.
my bici cinti, 17 Jun 2005 21:26

To Nothing.
my bici cinti, 17 Jun 2005 21:26

To Rohan.
Heybike.here Rohan, 20 Jun 2003 01:10
I don't think you ever had a bike!

To Nothing.
dumbbike.here go ahead ignore me, 07 Jun 2003 05:10
i think this is the most mindnumbingly dull site i've seen. And you won a webby for this? How? What photos of the judges do you have? What exactly is your point?

To Solemnity.
~ confront VS ignore ~ Solemnity, 07 Jun 2003 06:15
I can't speak for Nobody yet have a bone to
pick with the likes of you. How is your
comment productive? You find the site dull & yet managed to find your way around. Go back
to the 'help' page & read about ''Why?'' this site
is worth a Webby. Then allow me to show you
the EXIT.

To Violetstrange.
that's okay, Violetstrange, 07 Jun 2003 07:04
i probably hate what you like.

To Nothing.
You can not be serious ........ Sinkronicity, 07 Jun 2003 10:44
I am just going to ignore you. (that doesn't quite work does it ?)

To Dawn.
Speechless Dawn, 07 Jun 2003 14:02
Your comment renders me speechless. My next thought was what a shame you are not speechless.

To Nothing.
no one hear alameeer, 24 Jun 2003 06:59
love love

To Solemnity.
~ ooO0ooO! ~ Solemnity, 07 Jun 2003 17:59
Clever user name! I like it very much, ....

To Nothing.
Copyright Sinkronicity, 07 Jun 2003 19:48
I give you exclusive rights to it from this point onwards

To Violetstrange.
probably misunderstood, Violetstrange, 08 Jun 2003 00:48
all i am saying is, to each his own.

To Nothing.
Confusion Sinkronicity, 08 Jun 2003 03:10
There seems to be general confusion all round here. There is only one comment from the dumb spider, which is the first one. All subsequent comments take issue with that statement. Dumb spider did not return. Or am I confused ???? I think I probably am !!!

To Nothing.
That's a tick Smart Tick, 16 Nov 2003 17:06
Dumb spider is a tick. Therein lies the confusion.

To Dawn.
Dumb Dawn, 07 Jun 2003 14:16
If you are reading this Dumb Spider I have just one thing to say: why did you come back if it was so mindnumbingly dull?

To Nothing.
cyber... @, 08 Jun 2003 23:58

To Nothing.
never ride a bike when drunkbike.here Vanessa, 16 Apr 2003 06:53
I did this and rode straight into a carpark boom, somersaulted over the handle bars and took a chunk out of my elbow. it hurt. must've looked funny though.

To Nonicname.
sober Nonicname, 19 Nov 2003 22:28
never ride when you are sober i broke my left arm riding a bike ive suffered many stiches and broken limbs so i guess i will have to ride on the handle bars while you steer i think ill attach a hot air baloony to mine

To Ohwho.
take another routebike.here Ohwho, 04 Mrt 2003 01:08
my second bicycle in one year in this new place was stolen, and i can't expect anymore of living here. i saw a guy riding my bike a few weeks ago, and the images in my head of kicking his ass were interrupted only by tripping on my wandering feet. wondering which transport i can find to leave this town.

To Nothing.
orthodoxybike.here apocatastatic, 22 Feb 2003 10:41
My own self,essence,''ousia''

To Brazilya.
what?bike.here Brazilya, 11 Nov 2002 03:46
my bike. my head. my mind. my work.
my life? my life is more than that, but
the thieves ignore it. i let them believe
what they want, donĀ“t deserve anymore.

To Nothing.
mongo Bruno, 10 Jun 2003 21:09

To Nothing.
Truthbike.here Linus, 08 Okt 2002 22:23
You never had a bike, only a bike lock.

To Nothing.
title title bike title the other me, 11 Jul 2005 23:00
text text text bike text

To Poli.
I had Poli, 20 Mei 2008 23:03
a bagagedrager

To Nothing.
la bici de mi noviobike.here klara, 07 Okt 2002 21:48
A mi novio le han quitado solamente la rueda de su bici, y el no sabe utilizarla con solo una rueda

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