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To Nothing.
niloofarbird.here nameniloofar, 10 Jun 2006 22:08
ina chiye

To Nothing.
heavy duty landingbird.here anonomous, 28 Apr 2006 18:55
I was leaving work yesterday afternoon and began to open my car door... all the sudden a bird flew from no where and sh*t on my shoulder and my arm... good luck?? I dont think so... what a mess and how embarrasing

To Humbird.
better on your arm Humbird, 28 Apr 2006 20:19
than on your head (yes, it happened to me)

To Bulletje.
It will bring you Bulletje, 29 Apr 2006 00:51
good luck, (in Holland it does).

To Salotehawaiii.
Where is this Salotehawaiii, 29 Apr 2006 01:26
new BlaaT? Is he for real? Prove it with some inspired swearing!!

To Poulette.
it IS good luck: Poulette, 29 Apr 2006 02:22
Good luck that you didn't get sh*t in your eye...

To Loey.
funny, Poulette! Loey, 16 Dec 2008 07:23
and so true...

To Insomniac.
bird.here Insomniac, 21 Sep 2005 19:44
i heard its good luck to have a bird crap on your head. of course, this is not true because you have bird crap in your hair.

To Bufanda.
luck Bufanda, 18 Jan 2006 03:22
You're wrong: it IS luck... it's not in your eyes or mouth... It was so close!

To Megmacf.
Tsk Megmacf, 15 Aug 2006 06:30
Isn't luck, just Murphy's Law...

To Ppint.
well, it can be lucky... Ppint, 06 Mrt 2010 16:48
entire iains ago, lilian was shat on by a pigeon when she was dressed all smart, going for her first ever job interview; the owner of the business sympathised with her, told her it's meant to be lucky if that happens to you - and she got the job, working in a bookshop.
- seventh heaven, or as near as she could then imagine *vbg*


To Nothing.
bird.here Beautiful Stranger, 22 Dec 2004 02:42
one time we were camping and a bird flew in our tent and was all BRRRRRRIPPPPIPA BBBBBBBRRRRRROIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPA!! and like shat on everything. We got a cabin scince then...

To Nothing.
hehbird.here Odessa, 03 Dec 2004 10:21
ok..heheh...From Finland

To Nothing.
, 03 Dec 2004 12:22

To Seekita.
Are you sure...bird.here Seekita, 09 Sep 2004 13:22
..it was a bird? Maybe it was a flying cat...

To Emmepem.
Maybe it was Emmepem, 09 Sep 2004 18:25
a trogium pulsatorium?


To Nothing.
Hya Hya Hyabird.here Boojah, 18 Mei 2004 17:26

To Nothing.
assssss name, 18 Mei 2004 17:27

To Wanderer.
wow Wanderer, 18 Mei 2004 19:06
the conversations on here are always so stimulating...

To Buzulefazul.
*die* Buzulefazul, 18 Mei 2004 19:41
For some reason, and it might be the vodka, but that's really funny.

To Saga.
Smirnoff rules... Saga, 18 Mei 2004 21:35
j00 0k?

To Sis.
Moskovskaya Sis, 19 Mei 2004 06:01
My brand, thank you very much... oh boli ne hlava.... Saga, we definitely must get together and have lunch on Pine St. soon!

To Nothing.
gg 555o, 23 Mei 2004 18:25

To Nothing.
Just think...bird.here Chazwazza, 05 Feb 2004 00:03
A bird took time out to soil your head because he loves you. LMAO!

To Nothing.
spanish fliesbird.here firefly2, 01 Feb 2004 08:20
is there any such insect bug as the spanish fly

To Nothing.
I know that there is a Spanish omelette A helpful person, 01 Feb 2004 09:37
I hope that is of some use to you

To Nothing.
just in case ...... A helpful person ™, 01 Feb 2004 12:41
here is how you make one .....http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/r_0000000748.asp

To Nothing.
But I'm afraid that A helpful person ™, 01 Feb 2004 12:48
this is the nearest to a Spanish fly I can find http://www.iberia.com hope this helps you

To Mork.
Remember boys... Mork, 01 Feb 2004 15:41
Flies spread disease, so keep yours shut!

To Rosibutterfly.
oh .. Rosibutterfly, 01 Feb 2004 16:51
that is wonderful Morky.... may I steal it?

To Mork.
But of course! Mork, 01 Feb 2004 23:56
I stole it from a scene in Band of Brothers.

To Chrys.
Iffn ya REEEly wanna know... Chrys, 09 Mrt 2005 22:49

To Quadrix.
refreshingbird.here Quadrix, 07 Jan 2004 05:48
in a very hot day hehe

To Vyce.
fatal Vyce, 07 Jan 2004 07:41
on a very cold day? you know.... bird poo hailstones? O_o

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