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To Nobody.
ATTENTION ALL BUGS !bugpool.here Nobody, 13 Mei 2004 11:35
You will get your very own site, with many extra functions. Please tell me what other functions you'd like.


To Nothing.
about time! , 13 Mei 2004 13:32
''debugging w/ gillis''

To Nothing.
I want a room Omar, 13 Mei 2004 14:17
to be intimate with other bugs.

To Rosibutterfly.
this is all ... Rosibutterfly, 13 Mei 2004 15:29
very discombobulating Joggie... gotta think about it for a day or three...

To Rosibutterfly.
I got it ... I got it ... Rosibutterfly, 14 Mei 2004 03:18
Joggie, what I really really would like is a clock or something that shows what the time and date is in the different countries of the visiting bugs....!! We are always the first here in Australia... hahaha, but I guess you all know that by now eh?

To Nobody.
Ok Nobody, 14 Mei 2004 23:27
Many people want that.

To Sallysredbug.
ooooooooooooh Jogchem! Sallysredbug, 13 Mei 2004 16:27
what a wonderful concept!! its enough to make me wanna come back here and stay forever (fair warning y'all) mmmmm....delish!

To Dawn.
See what happens.... Dawn, 13 Mei 2004 16:49
when I go away :)

To Saga.
Jogchem..... Saga, 13 Mei 2004 17:14
you are sheer genius! Please include a help button for those of us who aren't.

To Nobody.
Yes Nobody, 14 Mei 2004 23:28
There will be a help forum. And some tutorials.

To Sis.
Thanks Jogchem~ Sis, 13 Mei 2004 18:29

To Mork.
Okay, here's my idea. Mork, 14 Mei 2004 01:43
I know this suggestion will meet some resistance, but for some of us, who sometimes have ''senior'' moments, or perhaps washed away a few too many brain cells with the aid of many cold beers, perhaps, a little mouseover tag, that appears only if you keep the mouse there for several seconds, that gives the name of the bug. Just an idea, but sometimes I have a hard time keeping track, especially with those who have several bugs they ''wear'' to the sink.

To Rosibutterfly.
this is brilliant Morkie ... Rosibutterfly, 14 Mei 2004 03:28
I second this! wouldn't work with the mouse though, cos we would have to 'mount' the other bug to see who it was.... hahaha

To Mork.
and... Mork, 14 Mei 2004 04:36
...this is a problem for you, rosi?

To Rosibutterfly.
nah .... Rosibutterfly, 14 Mei 2004 09:03
definitely not for me Morkie, but for some, I think it might be! : )

To Nobody.
ok Nobody, 14 Mei 2004 23:30
It's easy for the forums.
Also in the chat?

To Mork.
Yes! Mork, 15 Mei 2004 05:47
Yes, please, in the chat as well.

To Elling.
hello god Elling, 25 Jun 2006 22:40
cool! its nobody himself!! *bows down*


To Accalia.
Hey god, Accalia, 26 Jun 2006 01:25
How are you? *also bows down*
I like your ideas. I sing your praises.

To Nothing.
grasshopper grasshoopper, 03 Okt 2005 01:02

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