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To Joianne.
Whycar.here Joianne, 04 Aug 2004 19:59
Why am I stuck here, by myself with this little boy. Why werent you here to help, to love, or just to comfort. But now look what you ahve missed. The laughs, and tears, but dont forget the pride and love. All of this you missed. Why you ask? because You said you loved her and not us.

To Auroravalles.
bug Auroravalles, 16 Okt 2004 17:22
don't worry, be happy


To Loey.
so, there you stand...car.here Loey, 31 Mei 2004 05:59
you make eye contact with most of the passengers & drivers going by, but which ones do you remember days from now? Probably none, you're brain can't remember everyone you encounter. I believe a lot of souls visit you again repeatedly, until you're eventually forced to communicate....keep growing, y'know?

To Nothing.
cars can be annoyingcar.here name... or is it.... no, it isn't, 16 Mei 2004 15:41
bicycles are the future

not green ones though

they're just odd

To Nothing.
boring majorcar.here name, 08 Mei 2004 01:25
hate it it was a huge waste of time. how do you make any money if you just spend ur time doing dumb stuff like this

To Sallysredbug.
i can't speak for anyone else, BUT... Sallysredbug, 08 Mei 2004 18:38
i come here to vent my bullshit and act silly and run around in various disguises and be my total self at the same time and to piss people off and comfort some others and to disagree and spark some emotion and laugh til i cry and allow the paranoia levels to rise just to the point of discomfort which reminds me that i'm alive...as for money, it really is the root of all evil...oh, and mimes. . .mimes are also the root of all evil. Just my humble opinion...thanks for listening...

To Nothing.
hahahahahahahaha!!!!! in my humble opinion, 09 Mei 2004 04:29
sally... you fuckin' rock!!!

To Nothing.
LIAR!car.here www.nivitheretard.8k.com, 24 Apr 2004 19:29

To Soultakerrepoman.
... Soultakerrepoman, 24 Apr 2004 21:53
It says a different amount of cars every time you go to the page.

To Nothing.
boring! BLEH!, 25 Apr 2004 17:38
that was the most boring thing i have ever seen!

To Wanderer.
i feel likecar.here Wanderer, 09 Mrt 2004 15:35
i need to do this sometime...

To Nothing.
.... and here's one I did earlier ...car.here A helpful person ™, , 14 Feb 2004 10:42
An interesting comment

To Nothing.
thghcar.here name, 24 Okt 2003 16:08

To Vyce.
hmmm....car.here Vyce, 07 Okt 2003 07:38
i wonder if this ''experiment'' was actually carried out....

To Nothing.
HAHAHA Angry, 08 Okt 2003 16:21
If you tried that in Florida, you'd be run over for sure.... guess you don't exist in FL

To Nothing.
bug h, 23 Okt 2003 03:58

To Nothing.
hooooom name, 15 Dec 2003 16:40

To Nothing.
death and lifecar.here sergivs, 09 Jun 2003 03:34
we always think of other's death as we only think of stopping at the red man rather than thinking about crossing the line on green one.Who cares about death itself?Who run ever out of life time?But death is more than a trouble to spending more time in doing irrelevant things. DEATH is- should be - the only exceptional point, moment that makes any sense to a IDENTITY--so when existence doesn't attempt any longer to shift any done essence--So that only thinking of crossing the line one red man enlightens our minds of REALITY beyond the illusion of any continuously holded identity. DARE TO THINK.... and if you don't survive at least you won't waste a whole life to die under the most patetic of the surprises and fears.

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