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To Nothing.
hycards.here name, 16 Sep 2008 02:53
thi sis really vocol i like it a lot

To Nothing.
needtitle name, 16 Sep 2008 02:54
i lke tjis page a lot it reminds le of that other guy's grandma

To Nothing.
I remember building card towers oncecards.here Marina, 27 Feb 2008 03:23
with my grandmother. It was a long time ago. She always use to say ''building card towers is like having sex...well, actually ... its not.'' She soon married a turtle, divorced it, and died from taking too much meth. I miss my granny, I also miss her cookies. Ahh, to have those delicious cookies again...

To Nothing.
Hi Marina :) Dorkins, 27 Feb 2008 21:58
I missed you.

To Nothing.
HOURScards.here Emily, 28 Dec 2007 07:38
I have been on this sit for a couple of hours now...its fuleing my ocd...its very fun and very sad, and very easy to relate to...like the voices before the lips move...I've had that happen...its very strange.

To Polar.
freezing Polar, 28 Dec 2007 21:31
hours and no response?

To Nothing.
Emily Trolls are best par-boiled, 29 Dec 2007 00:50
Best you stay away for a while so to control your ocd better. Nothing but troublesome trolls here and they're a waste of time.

To Nothing.
What are you saying? Are they all this bad?, 29 Dec 2007 11:12
Are you saying that a person with OCD is a troll? Or perhaps you are saying that Emily is a troll for speaking her mind? Either way, back off, I have OCD and you should learn to respect those who have this problem.

To Nothing.
I've realizedcards.here alanna, 23 Dec 2007 04:08
With all the ones I've seen so far, no matter how much we are allowed to destroy, end, or interrupt, you or your persona do not give up. There is always a continuance. Endless cycles. That's reassuring.

To Nothing.
Hahahacards.here Mrs Kol, 13 Okt 2007 17:29
I wish my cards were like this xD

To Nothing.
o.ocards.here Metalie, 27 Sep 2007 20:36
That´s kinda hypnotic... o.O

To Spluch.
man !cards.here Spluch, 11 Apr 2007 18:19
how come evrey time im in the sink no one is there???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Blade.
luck .. Blade, 12 Apr 2007 00:30
pure and simple!

To Juweeltje.
net als het levencards.here Juweeltje, 07 Okt 2006 17:54

To Oggyoggz.
build build buildcards.here Oggyoggz, 21 Aug 2006 15:00
wow that man is bord!!!!! get a life!!! u have other stuf to do then do this stiupid card mauntine!!!!! geta girl freind for exzample!!!!!!!

To Nothing.
ajnabeew@hotmail.com jamal, 02 Nov 2006 02:14

To Lilithlitha.
Says who? Lilithlitha, 18 Apr 2007 20:53
To OggyOggz, if you think we got something better to do, what are YOU doing here then? Don't find fault with others, where you don't see your own... Go build something!

To Nothing.
Tinacards.here Tina, 07 Mei 2006 20:15
Thank you!

To Betelgeuse.
put that pipe down and Betelgeuse, 09 Mei 2006 23:28
lay off the crack!!!

To Berre.
ha! Berre, 10 Mei 2006 04:25
*smoking hairspray & touching up nails*

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