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To Nothing.
Addictcards.here Andres, 03 Nov 2004 21:18
yes, break it down.
my exboyfriend kept trying to destroy himself, he is still working on it...
can u help?

To Nothing.
it falls downcards.here tear drop llama, 29 Okt 2004 07:47
I thought it was sad

To Nothing.
nameyesihaveone, 29 Okt 2004 13:14
when the contents of the determinate conciousness fall away from favour for they they do not yet, and have not ever, had the capacity to deal with each and every moment of phenomenom, the contents of the indeterminate subconciousness are gay to fill the void. Feelings are such a transference for when one does not think he is beter able to feel. It appears from the wording and sentiment of you post that you were were, when writing, inclined toward such a disposistion. I consider that your post may have some meaningful quality altough i would be hesitant to point out what that quality was for want of more appropriate words.

To Nothing.
I guess I'm right in saying.. Astheworldfallsdown, 29 Okt 2004 21:30
English is not your first language?

To Gisteren.
www.directtranslation.com Gisteren, 30 Okt 2004 06:14

To Nothing.
-- Pearl, 16 Dec 2004 04:00
it's Lucky from Waiting for Godot!

To Seekita.
Persistancecards.here Seekita, 09 Sep 2004 12:35
You can spend all your life building your tower high, but if it gets knocked down, you're back to square one. And you can keep rebuilding it all you want in hopes that someday the world will give up in knocking you down...or you can give up and forever be grounded.

To Nothing.
STANISLAS!! Muhahah, 09 Sep 2004 13:40
fk yo al!

To Nothing.
titlehjthdjtz name, 25 Okt 2004 16:34

To Nothing.
Very goodcards.here AR, 19 Aug 2004 17:05
Muy divertido



To Nar.
bipolarcards.here Nar, 18 Aug 2004 03:30
text--its like daty and night

To Nar.
its bi-polarcards.here Nar, 18 Aug 2004 03:29
this site is bipolar

To Nothing.
medication its bi-polar bhanu, 01 Okt 2004 11:49
its bi-polar

To Auroravalles.
bug Auroravalles, 16 Okt 2004 12:00
don't worry, be happy


To Nothing.
Deep Thoughtscards.here name, 03 Aug 2004 18:56
What man builds will always eventually crumble. Our greatest gift is our peserverance & desire to make it better next time.

To Nothing.
deep thoughts Jo-Anne, 04 Aug 2004 08:16
things must be de-constructed so they can be re-constructed. our life is built on the destruction of and reconstruction of our ansestors belief systems.

To Nothing.
y cards.here donslpr, 19 Jul 2004 18:34
this is a bloody good thing for about three seconds

and i thought u liked to know tht gods a perv he SEES ALL
and i alos id like to say if u belive in god how sad there isnt 1 its just a figment of your imagination

To Vyce.
Well..... Vyce, 19 Jul 2004 18:41
The fact that god does not exist could ALSO POSSIBLY be a figment of your imagination.

To Starr.
I'd hate to be him Starr, 19 Jul 2004 19:31
at the end...
when he gets to find out...
: S

To Nothing.
I'd hate to be him Jo-Anne, 04 Aug 2004 08:24
God already knows and she is experencing self through us and mabe if we can remember that maybe we will live our live to the fullest and the best we can.

To Chubby.
falling downcards.here Chubby, 04 Jul 2004 21:09
when we fall, we just get up! :)

To Nothing.
falling down Jo-Anne, 04 Aug 2004 08:26
but don't get up till you know why you fell

To Nothing.
title1 name3, 07 Nov 2004 12:13

To Bloodycole.
cardscards.here Bloodycole, 19 Apr 2004 05:24
I like the futility of trying to destroy something that you cannot. You want to badly to knock it down, but it will never happen.

To Nothing.
i ll, 29 Apr 2004 04:32

To Loey.
bloody, Loey, 13 Jun 2004 10:14
I guess I disagree, the cards bouncing right back up is downright wrong. It's like Arnold in ''The Terminator,'' un-natural.

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