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To Libbety.
August 1stchange.here Libbety, 01 Aug 2002 07:55
Summer crickets loudly applaud
the sunset show.


To Atara.
how truechange.here Atara, 20 Jul 2002 14:48
but i think the english grammar is wrong, jogchem - better consult someone who knows

To Nobody.
Uhm... ok. Nobody, 20 Jul 2002 19:37
Does anyone see what wrong with this text? Doesn't it sound natural?


To Nothing.
answer ´KITTY, 22 Jul 2002 13:13
I think it sounds much better like this:

All my problems will be solved,
just as soon i´m somewhere else
doing something else,
knowing some other people
and become a totally different person.

To Nobody.
Ok Nobody, 06 Mrt 2003 00:34
Like this?

To Imawkward.
actually... Imawkward, 11 Mrt 2003 00:23
the only part that isn't correct is this line:
''Knowing some other people''
it should be:
''Know some other people''
It may not flow as well, but it's correct.

To Solemnity.
~ psst ~ Solemnity, 21 Jun 2003 19:10
I like it just the way it is, Jogchem. Knowing.

To Aquavitae.
Problemschange.here Aquavitae, 11 Jul 2002 18:40
i would like that if it's possible...things do get so heavy going that u just feel so burdened...be someone else...but who guarantees that it will be problem'less' then. As humans, we all face probs...that's how we grow.

To Nothing.
Officechange.here Mine, 27 Jun 2002 01:00
what is it now?

To Nothing.
sound Sign, 27 Jun 2002 01:02
why do you want?

To Nothing.
Dilemachange.here Nanook, 26 Jun 2002 16:07
Beyond the trees lies a lifeless frog. Would you kiss it, or leave it to rot with the earth?

To Nothing.
mental question?change.here Bud, 21 Jun 2002 22:53
what goes on inside the mind of a waterskiing squirrel?

To Englishbob.
squirrels only think one thing... Englishbob, 28 Mrt 2003 03:12
Where did I hide the nuts?
Where did I hide the nuts?

To Nothing.
mental question?change.here Bud, 21 Jun 2002 22:52
what goes on inside the mind of a waterskiing squirrel?

To Nothing.
huh charllie, 17 Dec 2002 01:57
?genuine nothing about cares who

To Nothing.
answer he he he, 17 Apr 2003 13:43
my nuts are getting wet

To Ganiya.
Reference to Erlend Loe's formulachange.here Ganiya, 07 Mei 2002 19:02
1. change your work
2. go somewhere
3. find new friends

Naiv. Super.

To Mattymac.
Hmmchange.here Mattymac, 04 Mei 2002 03:21
The only true way to change the course of life is to change who you are, but only do that if it fits what you want to become. (hows that for an almost oxymoronic statement?)

To Marlaine.
I like escapist philosophy.change.here Marlaine, 07 Apr 2002 06:29
I know it's bad, but give me a heavy blanket, warm chocolate and a good tv show, and I'll forget that I'm endorsing self-destructive behaviors.

6 5 4 3 2 1

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