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To Nothing.
Sorry.choices.here Randall, 22 Jul 2003 22:55
I wander this site when I'm depressed or angry. It's soothing.

I read and connect. Thank you.

To Nothing.
wraugh pipo, 13 Feb 2004 01:24
wauw, it is so interactive!

To Nothing.
Insertion Of Outer Boundaries Zeta Gouki, 12 Jul 2004 02:16
I wonder where I am sometimes. Listneing to things that seem to flow from the Nexus. For inverted items are often locked into the burrowing claws which entrench themselves into our minds.

It hurts sometimes.

To Nothing.
só euchoices.here dalila, 23 Mei 2003 15:52
eu acho que teem toda a razão ha ha .

To Miharu.
Dalila, Dalila, Dalila... Miharu, 24 Mei 2003 18:39
Why did you speak in Portuguese, Dalila? And why didn't you write ''têm''? Why did you write ''ha ha''? Why are you here? Do you want a piece of chocolate cake? Will you pat me? Or pet me? What's the color of your nose hair?
Note: get this compulsive answering analyzed.

To Nothing.
tit9choices.here name, 04 Mrt 2003 01:34

To Nothing.
....choices.here peter, 14 Dec 2002 20:02
very nice page page! its funny..

To Nothing.
rowd rowd, 11 Jan 2003 13:53

To Nothing.
u suckchoices.here sucky master, 03 Dec 2002 09:33
this site sucks1

To Solemnity.
How to Become a Sucky Master Solemnity, 03 Dec 2002 21:52

Your mother says it's childish and
your father says it's dumb--
whenever they discover that
you're sucking on your thumb.

It's such a silly thing to do,
as everybody knows.
So now instead of sucking it,
you stick it UP your nose.


To Pruiu.
NIN Pruiu, 25 Mei 2003 02:51
hehehe...nice link..

To Nothing.
dillusional yet tastychoices.here AJAX, 15 Nov 2002 21:09
when the tides roll in, thence shall come our next victim...an understanding of sensless nonsense...what a vivid imagination gone to waste

To Nothing.
?choices.here Akira-Chan, 27 Okt 2002 16:26
FO R U ?

To Nothing.
understandchoices.here rob, 12 Okt 2002 00:48
if i understood all this, would i be disappointed?
my head hurts. in a nice way :o)
''if you could just see the beauty, these things i could never describe...''

To Nothing.
weirdchoices.here Alex, 17 Sep 2002 22:24
Is this Art? Or a statement?A way of live? Funny?
All of them?
All of us?

Hmmm...haven't figured it out yet.
Have you?

To Nothing.
Greatchoices.here gabi, 06 Sep 2002 21:03
I was wondering when somebody will be able to create something on the net. Not just create something because, he wants to impress, show his technic; create not because he is playing with a new software but create something to express emotions, to express himself.
Well I know now.
and believe me, I am a little jalous.

To Emmy.
Don't be jealous, Emmy, 07 Sep 2002 03:23
just enjoy!

To Nothing.
hello koala bear, 22 Okt 2002 10:07
mmmmmm yummy

To Nothing.
muz tdu, 01 Jul 2003 00:46

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