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To Nothing.
fire of creation..coffee.here your friends, 06 Aug 2004 07:04

dude you are an artist and need to go to a fire circle

or http://www.vegasvortex.com

we love what you do and would love to see you at our fire...it will transform your life...


Jeff and ABbi

To Chrys.
8000 Sacred Drums Chrys, 07 Mrt 2005 13:47
8000 Sacred Drums For the Healing of Mother Earth was started in Mexico last year as well and has taken off world wide like wildfire. An organized passive Peace Movement, regional organizers plan gatherings once-to-several times a year on auspicious days for the region. Persons bring a drum (something for the potluck feast) and join voice and vibrations in Love and Healing for the Mother's many Nations...human, 4 foot, winged, scaled and leaved. See many www websites for more info. Use ''8000 Sacred Drums 2005'' for this year's gatherings schedules. i plan to be attending the one on Equinox...March 20th, 2005 in Hamilton, ONT (Canada). Steam and Tech Museum. Drumming begins 6 AM (EStndTime) to 3PM. See ya! Look for the Hobbit lady in the Eagle T-shirt & Turtle drum.

To Nothing.
This Sitecoffee.here Lizzie, 05 Jul 2004 16:31
Is extremely confusing. Anyone with me?

To Nothing.
Inspiration Elaina, 01 Apr 2005 23:48
This site is inspiring. In a very depressing way. Sometimes i'm bothered by how much i connect to the images and ideas on this site, and sometimes, i'm proud to connect to them. I always return though, always back for more...and i always find more in it.

To Nothing.
AFireInsidecoffee.here Lizzie, 05 Jul 2004 16:27
Is the best fucking band EVER.

To Nothing.
wo0t Mindy, 05 Jul 2004 16:30
Damn straight

To Starr.
What Starr, 05 Jul 2004 22:56
kind of band is it??

To Nothing.
you name, 22 Jul 2004 00:47

To Hefe.
frenchcoffee.here Hefe, 14 Apr 2004 18:14
is the most beautifull language


To Nothing.
french Lizzie, 05 Jul 2004 16:33
indeed it is.

To Chirallitanies.
i like Chirallitanies, 18 Dec 2004 04:58

To Nothing.
shannencoffee.here kusjes jothia, 30 Mrt 2004 17:16
hoi shannen ik heb een bericht gestuurt naar selina net hee ik vint het echt dapper dat je veder wilt gaan met ons planettje voor amber

To Starr.
about the site...coffee.here Starr, 10 Feb 2004 04:39
Absolutely mesmerizing! :)

To Nothing.
Brazilcoffee.here Beta, 11 Sep 2003 04:10
café-coffee-café-açúcar-sugar-...doce...sweet mania

To Nothing.
breathtakingcoffee.here Gorim, 03 Aug 2003 06:00
Phenomenal. Words don't and can't express. You say so much in so few words.

To Nothing.
breathtaking Beta, 11 Sep 2003 04:07
silence can say more than one thousand words

To Violetstrange.
exhaling artcoffee.here Violetstrange, 06 Jun 2003 20:35
who would have thought spilt tea would be artistic.

i painted with it before, but you just do it naturally. i but you shit out art.

To Emilydongray.
Tcoffee.here Emilydongray, 09 Mei 2003 17:39
Tea, the great British tradition.

To Nothing.
Chi Cha Thee Typhoo Tea Chimp, 09 Mei 2003 23:45
Make mine a big mug of Earl Grey ... mmm

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