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To Nothing.
new artcorners.here Kleyman, 27 Jun 2003 14:48
You are the first to truly incorporate the viewer into the process of creation.

To Rohan.
Dwellingcorners.here Rohan, 21 Jun 2003 10:03
''To dwell means to inhabit the traces left by one's own living, by which one always retraces the lives of one's ancestors...Traditional dwellings are never terminated. Houses constantly grow; only temples and palaces can be finished. Dwelling means living insofar as each moment shapes a community's own kind of space.''
Ivan Illich, H20 and the Waters of Forgetfulness


To Hommel.
That little spot, on the 3rd picture...corners.here Hommel, 10 Jun 2003 20:09
... who of us insects is that? And why isn't it moving? Did you SQUASH it?!

To Nothing.
title grasshoppercorners.here name HOP, 10 Jun 2003 05:36
This site is really entertaining.

To Nothing.
Insane grasshoppers CrazyWhiteGurl, 22 Dec 2003 02:36
I was sitting around on my garden bush one day, just eating a feather, and lizard tounge sandwich, when all of a sudden... this grasshopper decides he wants my sandwich. I said no. So he bit me! So I ripped his leg off! And then he ripped my nose hair out! So I bit his head off. I must say, the taste was a bit like eggs... boiled in sugary broccoli flavored milk.

To Dominiquer.
Well, well, wellcorners.here Dominiquer, 28 Mei 2003 03:51
I am impressed, confused, a little scared but none the less in awe of what you (and your mind.. ? ) has done here...... Hello from the land DownUnder!


To Rosi.
Dominiquer Rosi, 01 Jun 2003 15:44
.......when you say the land downunder... do you mean the big brown land, or the land of the long white cloud? There are too few from the land down under in the sink!

To Nothing.
poor u:corners.here wickie, 16 Mei 2003 23:57
...and no wonder she left u

To Dawn.
Sorry corners.here Dawn, 10 Mei 2003 14:06
I should have kept you in the corner of the room.

To Barfly.
talking Barfly, 10 Mei 2003 18:36
abouth the one who does not know very much abouth the sink?

To Dawn.
corners Dawn, 11 Mei 2003 16:38
Everything should be kept in corners. Its a shame that hearts have no corners.

To Barfly.
hearts Barfly, 11 Mei 2003 17:04
do have rooms!(kamers) in dutch we say the left and the right room; de linker en de rechter hartkamer.So there must be corners in the heart!

To Dawn.
Heart Chambers Dawn, 11 Mei 2003 17:51
Yes barf you are right. Of course there are corners.

To Nothing.
sure everywhere the farmer, 19 Aug 2003 12:08
there are even corners in popcorners

To Nothing.
:(corners.here lily, 04 Mei 2003 00:39
this place is scary!!!!!

To Nothing.
Start again mamm, 12 Aug 2003 20:59

To Nothing.
Ahhh, the bears.corners.here Marcus, 07 Mrt 2003 02:38
I think you are a very sick person. Or maybe you became sick from creating this site. Or maybe, I've become sick from visiting it.

Aahh, the bears.

To Kreativkc.
cornerscorners.here Kreativkc, 01 Jan 2003 20:35
my room is not square. I have 8 corners in here.

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