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To Nothing.
notitlecourage.here name, 02 Mei 2005 20:06

To Chrys.
Courage is basedcourage.here Chrys, 10 Mrt 2005 14:58
on past experience that trial and error can actually work out alright. Then apply the right directions all at once. Faith in the Universal goodness of humanity can allow you to step off the cliff, jump into a new situation and find out you do have wings. I am very much the little country mouse in cold snowy country. My next week's adventure will be a 36 hr busride to see friends in Canada. There will be 3 transfers in VERY big Cities along the way. My anxiety level is high... there is a different clientelle of people on busses than planes. Some say it is homier. Some say it is darker and more desperate. My imagination is causing my fear more than the actual experience will. So i will climb on that bus and hope to find assistance instead of danger. So courage is also having Hope.

To Nothing.
courage.here , 04 Jan 2005 08:05
rock steady

To Nothing.
notcourage.here ipsum, 09 Sep 2004 19:40
what will rock you is we will

To Thequest.
hi bugs Thequest, 02 Dec 2004 21:12
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


To Nothing.
what!courage.here lorem, 09 Sep 2004 19:39
text: I do NOT understand SURRealism, and that's a PITY.

To Seekita.
Perhaps...courage.here Seekita, 09 Sep 2004 13:07
You gain courage...as you hide from life...

To Loey.
i'm trying very hardcourage.here Loey, 13 Jun 2004 09:07
and i do LOVE rocks, all different colors, sizes,
textures, surfaces...they exist, and i guess i'm willing to also.

To Nothing.
title[kop[ko name, 10 Aug 2004 16:24

To Nothing.
title[kop[ko name, 10 Aug 2004 16:24

To Nothing.
i agree. Sally Bones, 22 Feb 2006 21:27
they are so..infinitely rocky.

To Nothing.
Bugcourage.here jessica, 20 Feb 2004 16:16

To Mork.
willpowercourage.here Mork, 16 Feb 2004 01:18
the will of my cursor is strong

To Nothing.
vero vero, 16 Feb 2004 17:47
it´s very funny and rare

To Nothing.
silencecourage.here nur, 03 Dec 2003 14:56
don't know why i didn't come...

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