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To Nothing.
coolness in a jardance.here ju, 11 Jun 2005 22:04
wow that's awesome I made mine jump weird it looked demented

To Nothing.
whatdance.here name, 10 Jun 2005 22:19

To Nothing.
dancing beardance.here drug-aholic, 06 Jun 2005 12:52
i like tis site its funny so stuff u 2 the pplz who dont like it i also would like 2 say i like drugs !!!!!!!!!!!

To Nothing.
Drugs u twat Cucumber woman, 06 Jun 2005 16:48
Stick to doughnuts and coffee. Live longer too.

To Nothing.
dancing bear squirrelly, 06 Jun 2005 23:05
maby not, have a heart atack from being fat on dough nuts. unless it is hard drugs, which i dislike.

To Nothing.
Better die later than earlier Better in than out, 06 Jun 2005 23:45
My guy's pushing up daiseys thanks to ecstacy. What a bloody waste.

To Nothing.
Get high on Sex U Like Squirt it up me now, 06 Jun 2005 23:47

To Nothing.
AMAZIN dance.here name, 01 Jun 2005 19:59
LUSH !)) OUT OF !)

To Nothing.
shitdance.here donna, 01 Jun 2005 17:59
i have seen more shit on this page than down my looo and belive me thts a lot of shit we r talking bout

To Nothing.
horse shit shoncnuids, 01 Jun 2005 21:33
this web site is so stupid it makes me want to through up! what is the point of doing a web site if everybody hates it!

To Humanoid.
well, Humanoid, 01 Jun 2005 22:04
not everybody hates it and besides, you might want to visit this page:


To Nothing.
its throw up, not through up Disgruntled spider, 01 Jun 2005 22:20
you pissing moron - so who is stupid now ?

To Stretch.
Disgruntled spider Stretch, 02 Jun 2005 02:51
your post on the promiscusous fruit still has me laughing.tongue in cheek in it's truest form.

To Nothing.
i agree Spider King, 02 Jun 2005 02:58
i should bestow an honor onto you.you are one of the many.

To Nothing.
Who really reads these :(dance.here Tani, 14 Mei 2005 16:13
It's very hard to keep them in time!

To Nothing.
its all bollocks really Love custard chef, 14 Mei 2005 23:42

To Watermoon.
Poor Little Beardance.here Watermoon, 05 Mei 2005 22:10
Poor little bear got all tied up and full of nails and caught in a mouse trap. I'm jealous.

To Nothing.
derickdance.here yourgrandma, 28 Apr 2005 02:07
i made the bear dance like something from a horror movie!

To Nothing.
titlesfg titlesfg, 28 Apr 2005 18:49

To Rosanna.
woowwwdance.here Rosanna, 17 Apr 2005 15:22
let's rock

To Nothing.
where has the sky gone? name, 09 Dec 2012 05:07
For never and never. Evermore.

To Nothing.
Hurraydance.here Hannah, 23 Mrt 2005 18:02
I made it look like they were swimming and then doing ballet.

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