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To Buttercup.
maybedo.here Buttercup, 15 Feb 2003 05:07
maybe... there's no such thing as ''what i should've done''. what if all our decisions and actions are pre-destined? if there is a god, he already knows what we'll be doing the next second. it's only up to us to ''realize'' the purpose of our journey.

To Solemnity.
~ ie: god ~do.here Solemnity, 28 Jan 2003 07:02
He could be, ...... a SHE!


To Nothing.
GOD DOG IT ~~, 28 Jan 2003 22:13
Or ''It'' !

To Sjeudebleu.
ever seen dogma? (great movie!) Sjeudebleu, 30 Jan 2003 03:56
but when god created men...she was only joking!!!

To Itboy.
;o) Itboy, 30 Jan 2003 13:20
spot on !

To Nothing.
This Site... Amazing!!!!!do.here m&m, 18 Sep 2002 02:21
love the site! truely a beautiful original site.

modern art, i'd say. ought 2 b displayed in the Guggenheim.

To Nothing.
Agreed. G, 26 Feb 2003 23:11
Truly, one of the most original sites I have EVER seen. Inspiring. Jarring. Wonderful.

To Nothing.
What will the colour be? Heidi, 21 Jul 2003 17:47
Just wondering if my agreeing would give me something to take cradit of

To Starya.
He?do.here Starya, 31 Aug 2002 03:09
I believe.
I believe it doesn't end there. What you learn in this life, goes with you to the next. No, you won't remember it. But it was still a lesson learned.

Can YOU remember what you learned in natural science on october 28 the year you were in 6th grade?

No. I didn't think so. But you still took it with you to the next level of education.

To Marlies.
golven Marlies, 02 Jan 2003 22:44
die komen nemen het water weer op van golven die gaan

To September.
...do.here September, 22 Aug 2002 03:07
I'd think any god would be more constructive than that. it is a god, you know. they must have some plan or way of helping us out. makes a whole lot more sense than it letting us screw up and then blaming us for being human.

To Sequoia.
I agree... Sequoia, 21 Nov 2002 05:36
Starya and September have put it very well...thanks

To Nothing.
aaado.here name, 09 Jul 2002 13:18
ha ha

To Nothing.
titlhallodo.here name, 01 Jul 2002 21:16
ihr seid alle dumme spastisĀ“und schwul

To Nothing.
Or perhaps...do.here kimba, 07 Mei 2002 22:26
you concentrate less on death. what A waste of time...

To Nothing.
v+e=m Balbina, 26 Mei 2002 14:37
just concentrate on self...
that's enough

To Nothing.
the others Balbina, 26 Mei 2002 14:38
do not matter...

To Nothing.
Perhaps....do.here Richard, 30 Apr 2002 18:48
You need to find out what He would say? before you die?

To Nothing.
he would saydo.here Gomez ADDams, 24 Apr 2002 20:55

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