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To Mclarke.
He would say, do.here Mclarke, 14 Jan 2004 15:37
''You have made a terrific website and entertained a lot of people who should be outside enjoying the sunshine. Now get up, go outside and enjoy the sunshine.''

To Nothing.
Smeckendo.here Spankable Monkey, 18 Okt 2003 20:28
Keep it clean, or at least, wash it every now and then.

To Nothing.
I wash it The Holy Virgin of Smutness & Filth, 18 Okt 2003 21:12
every time...

To Nothing.
Somebody wants to help me The Holy Virgin of Smutness & Filth, 18 Okt 2003 21:14
washing it ???

To Englishbob.
If you're a Virgin of Smutness & Filth.. Englishbob, 19 Okt 2003 05:17
you dont need to wash it.

To Buzzing.
Sorrydo.here Buzzing, 07 Okt 2003 13:13
God: Wrong number mate.

To Ziggy.
What would God say?do.here Ziggy, 30 Sep 2003 04:23
I think he'd say, 'You did a fine job, kiddo. Well done.'

To Nothing.
he'd say ... just ask me, 30 Sep 2003 08:44
who the heck are you?

To Violetstrang.
it would say, Violetstrang, 02 Okt 2003 04:25
''you forgot to take your schitzophrenia medicine again, dear.''

To Nothing.
He would say... IrishCream, 24 Okt 2003 04:13
2 + 2 = fish.

To Nothing.
SARKARI MOONA, 11 Dec 2003 13:09

To Nothing.
titleWhat would God say? name Joanne, 29 Mrt 2004 00:12
He would ask you a question.....What did you do about my Son, Jesus Christ? Did you accept Him or reject Him...............or sit on the fence?

To Nothing.
heydo.here gump, 26 Aug 2003 02:04
lucky me

To Nothing.
run . . .RUN!!!, 26 Aug 2003 02:10
Forrest. . .

To Nothing.
Life is... princess, 26 Aug 2003 15:22
just a box of chocolates. Luckily I found the one with soft centre.

To Nothing.
salutationsdo.here lisa, 21 Aug 2003 20:23
thank you thank you thank you for sharing your talent, beauty, ramblings, bugs & things. oh the wonder of curious naivitee bumbling around in this delicious world... now go lick your lover!

To Philistin.
salutations Philistin, 20 Mei 2004 03:44
how does a Dutch graphic artist create a stream-of-consciousness website?

To Nothing.
Goddo.here ~Heleen, 17 Jun 2003 09:57
He will say you should have been born again, baptised by full emersion and received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues!

You can try it out and find it works!

To Baracuda.
baracuda Baracuda, 17 Jun 2003 11:55
If you know the way....
you can go any where.......

To Violetstrange.
i thinkdo.here Violetstrange, 15 Jun 2003 07:28
he'd say ''you should have never listened to Mister.''

To Nothing.
I often dream of a gigantic scolding...do.here name, 22 Mei 2003 09:21
...index finger wagging in the corner of my mind. Does anyone else?

To Nothing.
what a titledo.here name, 13 Apr 2003 07:40

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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