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To Snarfleez.
[ Home free ]done.here Snarfleez, 09 Apr 2002 18:26

The value of the grail in in the quest.
They joy of a brass ring is in the straining.
Trophies are only worth the honesty of their inscription.
If you love the road more than the dream, you will be your own idol.

To Emilydongray.
indeed Emilydongray, 09 Mei 2003 17:50
that is so true. I really respect that.

To Pou.
Impostor. Pou, 06 Feb 2008 20:55
You're not Omena. We can see your name.

To Nothing.
Not true. Man From Polaroid, 07 Jan 2005 02:54
The dream doesn't care who you love. When you're dreaming the dream is your master.

To Marlaine.
This is exactly me.done.here Marlaine, 07 Apr 2002 05:29
Way too lazy to do anything.

To Nothing.
Is this your weblog?done.here GenY, 05 Apr 2002 02:49
Can't you enjoy life? But I think I understand.

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