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To Azofafora.
*sobb*escape.here Azofafora, 14 Jan 2006 22:30
i *sniff* think it is so sad wen he says his friendly moth died. *cry* *sobb* *bawl* ITS JUST SO SAD!!!!! *cry*


To Louisafields.
but,escape.here Louisafields, 29 Dec 2005 22:23
where's the exit...?

To Frizzybob.
i didescape.here Frizzybob, 14 Dec 2005 13:16
and i think i want back...

To Rosibutterfly.
of course .. Rosibutterfly, 14 Dec 2005 13:18
you do!!!!!

To Nothing.
from where?escape.here to what?, 20 Nov 2005 00:59
wherever I go, i'll know i'm in the house of God

To Rosibutterfly.
just remember .. Rosibutterfly, 20 Nov 2005 12:28
to shut the door after you leave!

To Nothing.
escapeescape.here anto, 17 Nov 2005 15:07
i begun to write poems at ten.

To Nothing.
yes! dog barks after sagan, 18 Nov 2005 02:18
it is a crime not to let depressed and schizophrenic people find the escape of poetry

To Nothing.
poetry!escape.here rosexxx, 05 Nov 2005 09:07
i am only 11 and i think it is wonderful. very like poetry. like my mums friends poetry!

To Alina.
poetry too Alina, 05 Nov 2005 13:03
I think that poetry is nice thing too. I nearly same aged as you. I'm ten.

To Nothing.
poetry Roje', 11 Jan 2006 03:07
Did you say poetry or pottery? Or maybe you said potty.

To Insomniac.
:) Insomniac, 17 Nov 2005 18:25
i started writing storys when i was about 9 - i suck at poetry though.....

To Nothing.
elsewhereescape.here v, 31 Okt 2005 19:54
i can't seem to leave, no matter how hard i try i keep ending up in the same place. someone take me away.

To Astro.
IF Astro, 01 Nov 2005 03:32
you can't change locations, the best thing to do is drift off into dreamland (ha ha ha)and then you can be wherever you want to be.

To Fredbeav.
Sexescape.here Fredbeav, 27 Okt 2005 18:56
Life is worth the pain, or is it? I could handle it, if i sink my head in the paint of red coke, and injected my vaynes with pro-pain.
Then i will be fine with the birds in the trees! And eat the Apple from my eye!

To Nothing.
lazyescape.here maij, 15 Okt 2005 20:28
i dont want to leave. i think i should.

To Nothing.
fantastic and wiseescape.here Joanne, 08 Okt 2005 06:52
wonderful....you make me think and dream

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