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To Nothing.
Siteescape.here Jazzz, 20 Apr 2006 12:30
this site is so pointless but it is so good. it is one of my favourite sites lol. pretty good if u ask me. i have it on my site, the web url address.

To Mjseik.
mjs Mjseik, 03 Mei 2006 00:21
Absolutely brilliant

To Nothing.
lovebugsescape.here marebear, 04 Mrt 2006 05:50
do they love?

To Nothing.
tjisescape.here name, 17 Feb 2006 21:11
absoluteley fucking shite

To Nothing.
loser wierd, 21 Mrt 2006 06:49
you are a wierd loser but i like the teddy bears

To Nothing.
freak bob, 26 Jun 2006 13:15
you are one weird person, looooser, loner, weirdo

To Modgethanc.
escape.here Modgethanc, 07 Feb 2006 03:11
i want to go somewhere else sometimes


To Xpepitax.
? Xpepitax, 07 Feb 2006 11:39
from where is it that you want to go? I'm thinking of going from Holland to NZ.

To Cowpatty.
titleEscapeescape.here Cowpatty, 03 Feb 2006 03:09
A talent, used to make time go faster, make time slow down. Make things go away.....

To Nothing.
This is weird.escape.here Jolty, 30 Jan 2006 23:59

To Nothing.
i dont like to think a titleescape.here name, 27 Jan 2006 06:21

To Mortibus.
MORTIBUSescape.here Mortibus, 24 Jan 2006 05:49
I don`t believe this life`s a test. A test for what? WAKE UP!!!!!!!! It`s all random. wHAT i FIND WEIRD HOWEVER IS THE FACT THAT WE`VE BEEN ''IMPLANTED'' WITH THE NEED TO BELIEVE IN A HIGHER FORCE.

To Nothing.
comparisonescape.here sandy brown, 23 Jan 2006 01:20
your writing reminds me of elliot perlman

To Lumins.
mud puddleescape.here Lumins, 19 Jan 2006 02:16
Every day, walking through it. Tracking it onto the carpets of multiple homes. The puddles get big enough that you can picture mud creatures coming alive, and grasping you by the throat. I never wanted to go home. I never wanted to wash my pants.

To Mjseik.
erasable title Mjseik, 03 Mei 2006 00:18
Absolutely brilliant

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