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To Bealio.
Instrument of destruction?hand.here Bealio, 27 Feb 2003 10:14
Well, at least your hands will not remain idle to become the devil's workshop. Unless this webpage is exactly that. In which case it is a relativly cold place, if one believes in the mythology of the whole fire and brimstone hell image. Nice site either way. (The link is another interesting site of someone who has too much time on his hands.)


To Nothing.
titlewhat is that ?hand.here nameLa petite BRIBRI, 08 Nov 2002 15:55
textÌ am a little french girl and I don't understand were I am

To Tony.
boss!?hand.here Tony, 07 Aug 2002 15:00
my boss asked me to do a job nobody else like to do !
i ask me myself
why it should be everytime?
the answer is
i am a hard worker!!

To Myrtepal.
titlehandshand.here Myrtepal, 25 Jul 2002 16:07
Cool! LOL

To Nothing.
monkey butlers LuckyBadger, 26 Jul 2002 20:09
slow down leslie!

To Nothing.
aaaa name, 01 Aug 2002 15:11

To Nothing.
hellohand.here bill, 10 Jul 2002 12:06

To Nothing.
persy dido, 06 Dec 2002 05:19
very cool!

To Nothing.
I'm not herehand.here john, 10 Jul 2002 12:05
I'not here

To Englishbob.
I'm Englishbob, 28 Mrt 2003 04:34
not here either.

To Nonicname.
here Nonicname, 19 Nov 2003 12:12
nobody is here
(i know i know that was a horribe pun)

To Nothing.
super !!hand.here chinajochen@gmx.de, 30 Jun 2002 19:21
we need more homepages like that !!

it really makes one happy to see !!

very gifted !!!

To Nothing.
forgottenhand.here johnny, 20 Jun 2002 03:01
i'm trying to understand this too.

To Nutzzane.
hahahahand.here Nutzzane, 15 Jun 2002 06:58
a very interesting talent indeed (thump thump squeek squeek crack thump) hahaha..... we could try making a band..... ill use my foot

To Nothing.
good one!hand.here Kyrie, 06 Jun 2002 07:41
Hey nice one there!

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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