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To Nothing.
titlemr.importanthand.here name, 11 Sep 2004 20:06

To Nothing.
oh myhand.here sam, 22 Jul 2004 00:41
it's too bad you can't do that for a living.

To Midnightprophet.
Very talentedhand.here Midnightprophet, 16 Dec 2003 01:46
Wish I could do that with my hands. Percussive instruments cost too much money...

To Sothis.
Well...hand.here Sothis, 07 Dec 2003 06:49
LA lala lalala

To Cuty.
hi! I'm new!hand.here Cuty, 22 Nov 2003 21:53
hello everyone! I just joined this site and I'm lovin' it! It's the best site I've ever seen; especialy this tapping fingures!!! :D

To Nothing.
jazz me jojo, 02 Sep 2004 11:24
jazz me,please

To Nothing.
I'm coldhand.here Nicolar, 22 Nov 2003 16:45
this is irrelevent but I am. I think my feet have gone blue as well.

To Nothing.
OMG !!!! The Blue ***, 22 Nov 2003 16:47
... that's how it started with me as well ......

To Nothing.
My feet Fluffy, 22 Nov 2003 17:28
started off fluffy.

To Nothing.
I have some blue fluff .... The Blue ***, 22 Nov 2003 22:14
... in my belly button. Checking Nostrodamus to see just what it might mean

To Nothing.
The Prophecies of Nostradamus The Blue ***, 22 Nov 2003 22:21
The year 2003, eleventh month, From the belly button will come a great ball of blue fluff : It shall be clear to all who observe it, That it comes from the belly button of a lazy, unwashed scruff

To Dawn.
I checked mine Dawn, 22 Nov 2003 22:40
it was fluff free. I have never had any fluff in mine. Is it a man thing and if so - why?

To Nothing.
I read somewhere ..... The Blue ***, 22 Nov 2003 22:52
.... that if you are not very careful, when you are trying to scoop fluff out of your belly button, you could loosen the knot.If this happens you could deflate like a balloon, with a similar noise. I tried a vacuum cleaner once ... but that's another story !

To Dawn.
I wondered.... Dawn, 22 Nov 2003 23:00
where all that fluff came from that's in my vacuum cleaner. I always thought it was from the carpets. Maybe the fluff is to keep your belly button warm in the winter.

To Rosibutterfly.
is the Blue Nun Rosibutterfly, 23 Nov 2003 03:02
a Man? omigod ... a tranvestite Nun!

To Nothing.
The Blue *** The Blue ***, 23 Nov 2003 09:03
is an enigma . Oh Rosibutterfly, there are none so blind as those who will not see. That is so profound I have no idea what it means.

To Rosibutterfly.
well ... Rosibutterfly, 24 Nov 2003 00:20
I'm not gonna open my eyes again until someone tells me its safe!

To Rosi.
and Rosi, 03 Dec 2003 10:29
if anyone does say it is safe, don't you believe them girl!

To Nothing.
Yes....hand.here BW, 17 Okt 2003 02:59
Definitely a hand job...

To Nothing.
storyhand.here MURDOC + BONES, 08 Okt 2003 19:21
We r 2 odd americans that luve this site. we have even started our own story based on some ideas on this site. it is weird. but hilariously funny

To Ster.
OK Ster, 09 Okt 2003 10:56
Link perhaps ?

To Nothing.
Nutshand.here B!, 11 Sep 2003 20:09
Well. Amazing. This is the most interesting site I´ve ever seen. It´s like my old notebook, with draws and weird trips. Congratulations. (Am I looking like stupid american? No, I´m Brazilian. But my english sucks...).

To Nothing.
It's great!!!hand.here Beathriz - Brazil, 28 Mrt 2003 18:04
I have never seen so bizard content. Congratulations !!!

To Nothing.
me jon, 01 Jul 2003 02:38

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