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To Loey.
when i'm here....help.here Loey, 22 Mei 2004 06:48
I'm in a dark or light or bright tunnel with infinitely different-sized, different-distanced, varying solid, liquid, gaseous, and electrically charged branches that match the roads in my mind....

To Nothing.
is it a chat or what anathema gurl, 20 Dec 2005 10:57
is there anyone can tell me how can i talk in this chat here

To Nothing.
Thursday night, 10.30 Grace, 09 Feb 2006 12:27
when I am here, I am nowhere else.

To Nothing.
Can't stophelp.here n0thing_girl, 13 Apr 2004 21:56
the most ingenious thing I've ever seen. wow.

To Ciderapple.
time to gohelp.here Ciderapple, 15 Nov 2003 11:20
i have been here too long already and the shadows are lengthening.......i wiil be back...irresistable.x

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