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To Nothing.
I AM YOUR GODDESS BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!!!holes.here Britney Spears, 11 Jul 2006 18:10
You must beleive that I am Britney Spears in order to acheive salvation! you can only get to heaven through ME! so BOW DOWN and worship me! and buy my merchandise! and have sex with me if you are a hot chick!

To Tgone.
huh? Tgone, 20 Jul 2006 03:37
r u a guy or a girl?!

To Oggy.
i feel the same!holes.here Oggy, 05 Jul 2006 21:06
my soks miraculesly reap! its ameizing!!!!

To Speddy.
=D Speddy, 05 Jul 2006 21:43

To Christiano.
ok...holes.here Christiano, 30 Apr 2006 07:48
Holes in yer sox arent SO bad, its just..well.. i dunno ........Maybe smelly? or is it just suspicious ...??

To Christiano.
look at disholes.here Christiano, 29 Apr 2006 04:15
HEY!! i HAVE THE PICTURE!! THE PICTURE OF THE SOLES THAT YOU WANTED. This is what the feet would look like without the socks on.


To Nothing.
Thank You name, 14 Feb 2008 00:04
The feet are beautiful. I love them.

To Christiano.
you guys are weirdholes.here Christiano, 28 Apr 2006 09:19
why do you love sockS??

To Twi.
Socks are an important Twi, 28 Apr 2006 10:59
part of our dress code, especially men who have to wear socks, preferably black, with their suits when travelling to the City. Would look a bit Hippyish if, say, a pin-stripe-suited gent wore no socks with his black brogues. Whereas we women CAN get away without wearing socks even when wearing jeans. I don't know why, but even when we wear skirts, the dress code for females doesn't include socks. Funny though, but some women don't wear knickers under clothing but that's probaby why they're otherwise known as escorts. Well that's my take on it.

To Dawn.
I always wear socks Dawn, 28 Apr 2006 12:55
I never wear skirts though, I have 3 evening gowns and 1 bridal gown and that's the total extent of my normal female wardrobe. I have lots of pairs of jeans and trousers, I always wear socks even when I am at home, I hate wearing shoes with no socks. I have a sock drawer with all my socks in :)

To Dawn.
Many years ago..... Dawn, 28 Apr 2006 12:58
I had a cat called Ralph and he used to open my sock drawer, pull out my socks and then squeeze himself into the space he made by removing my socks. =^..^=

To Twi.
LOL! Twi, 28 Apr 2006 14:02
Sounds like a battle of the soxes. :)

To Flaggy.
I AM Flaggy, 28 Apr 2006 16:03
a sock (am I not lovable?). Anyway, I'm nothing without my pair...


To Christiano.
sockholes.here Christiano, 28 Apr 2006 09:18
GEEZ! your socks are FRAGILE. we can even ruin them JAST BY TOUCHING THEM!

To Fredbeav.
'Socks'holes.here Fredbeav, 09 Apr 2006 23:08
Hot socks with holes in, seem kind of for-mill-u-la?
Or was it just me *laughing*?


To Nothing.
Helloholes.here rohal, 16 Mrt 2006 10:03

To Insomniac.
socks are my greatest loveholes.here Insomniac, 26 Feb 2006 17:15
its a shame how love wears out, isn't it?

To Wahoo.
Socks! :) Wahoo, 26 Feb 2006 17:33
Does love ever wear out or does it just fade away? Either way with love or socks, you can renew over and over again!


To Nothing.
suckkkkkkkk Tarek Zagmout, 11 Mei 2006 13:44
god damn it....... stupid people creating stupid things, but u know what, its kind of FUN :-)

To Nothing.
Holes in my socks gameholes.here D., 24 Feb 2006 08:50
Nice game. It's very erotic for those of us nto feet. Especially guys' feet and toes.

To Nothing.
Exactly so! name, 14 Feb 2008 00:07
Fantasies of toe sucking are great.

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