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To Caffiend.
Oh, So Truehomophobic.here Caffiend, 01 Okt 2002 22:06
Sometimes I feel that way myself.

To Nothing.
DerEntwerter name none of your damn bussiness, 04 Apr 2003 00:45
you are dis eased-admit itor i'll cancel your ticket no pixies for you no michael stipe either--did you know michael stipe hit on me? I thought he was a faggot! frank black- i swear- he hit on me too and that's really strange!!

To Nothing.
you're a pimphomophobic.here mike, 21 Sep 2002 17:53
so do you

To Nothing.
jazzy Zee i shit my pants today, 04 Apr 2003 00:35
.keep your mind on the money baby. i'm goin to Ibiza dis summer an it goin be on your ass dat i get der!!-yo bitch, i taught i tol'' youtuh get that fat ass out on the street and make yo daddy some phat scratch.Baby you my bottom bitch, i don't wanna hurt jew! you jus take that spicy look offa yo face and i might not put my foot in yo ass likes you deservin-don't forget who looks aftah you you white ass muthafucka!

To Starya.
It starts here.homophobic.here Starya, 31 Aug 2002 02:44
First you need to be comfortable with yourself. Are you?

To Nothing.
frustrated waitress from helll no tip for you, 04 Apr 2003 00:41
what starts where you philosiphizin philanderer. betty told me al about you an shirley yesterday-i know your game asshole- you think just cause you're dutch you can get away with lying-well your fucked any way you look at it-there's going to be massive headaches from hell fire and brimstone jack ass!!!

To Icanseealiar.
i'm a homosexualhomophobic.here Icanseealiar, 12 Jul 2002 18:45
now you know one

To Emmepem.
Maybe, Emmepem, 13 Jul 2002 01:59
i can see a liar?

To Lex.
doctors are non-judgemental Lex, 09 Dec 2002 15:55
Doctors don't reject. It makes them sexy. Maybe I'll stop rejecting.

To Nothing.
this is a public service anouncement joe strummer is dead i cry for him too, 04 Apr 2003 00:27
investigation humiliation limitation are not my rights

To Nothing.
can pickem loves johnny knoxville saw him in americ, 04 Apr 2003 00:51
I love johnny knoxville!! i've always loved him from the moment my eyes were set upon him he is crazy cool and dangerous even though he can't ride a skateboard

9 which is too bad cause i can)

To Nothing.
ccccchomophobic.here jjj, 28 Jun 2002 21:51

To Nothing.
Student Zip, 27 Jul 2002 16:55
Find some friends

To Ilsphid.
Oh myhomophobic.here Ilsphid, 23 Jun 2002 00:49
This almost looks like a joke! I'm proud. :)

To Nothing.
cruzes name, 21 Aug 2002 13:35

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