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To Nothing.
Gay people make me....sick?homophobic.here lostprophets87, 18 Jul 2004 22:49
God put Adam and Eve on the earth right? Well, how come he didn't put Adam and Steve on the earth? Think about it...people aren't suppose to like the same sex. I believe that it isn't like or love at all, it's curiosity. But then, if it's the same sex, you could just look at yourself. It's one reason guys masterbate...

To Nothing.
News for you... Miss-terbater, 18 Jul 2004 22:52
girls masterbate too. Just as well, cos it's the only way most of us will ever get an orgasm. Sorry Guys!!!!!

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I'm sorry to be pedantic It makes all the difference, 18 Jul 2004 23:10
on such an issue but it's masturbate not masterbate.

To Gillis.
if u must... Gillis, 18 Jul 2004 23:23
''Masturbation is good and delicious, but musterbation is evil and pernicious,''


To Nothing.
gillis of the damned dogs!! Musterforgotten it .. can't remember !, 19 Jul 2004 08:22
you are being dogmatically anti-scientific

To Turtlebug.
F**k you Turtlebug, 19 Jul 2004 00:46
what year is it? I hate people like you, rrrrrr

To Turtlebug.
sorry Turtlebug, 19 Jul 2004 20:27
i could have been better about responding to that. Anger makes me a little dizzy. I just cant stand people thinking that something like their skin or their ideas about religion or who they are attracted to could mean much about who they are as a person... just let it go dude, its none of your business. Just so you know as far as what the bible says of God, He would rather that He made the judgements. there is much we do not understand little ignoramus so my advice to you keep your mouth and your keys quiet!

To Nothing.
being a gay mamitje, 19 Jul 2004 23:04
is surely a part of who he is, and what's wrong with that?? some guys like blond girls, some like fat (soft and round, i'd say..), some like guys... it's just like that!

To Nothing.
i think mamitje, 19 Jul 2004 23:06
it's just great that he has someone to love. or she. god knows what??

To Neiel.
Hahaha !!! Neiel, 19 Jul 2004 02:22
if there is more guay in the world, its better for me because there will be more girls left for me !!! ( Guys )Those who dont think that way sucks ( excepte for girls )!!! :0)

To Jepthah.
Homophobia Jepthah, 19 Jul 2004 16:24
of any degree, is very often a SYMPTOM of LATENT HOMOSEXUALITY! Buddy, you spend an awful lot of time thinking and talking about being gay. Are you sure you're entirely staight? I'm not convinced... You might indeed turn out to be one of us Transgendered Gay Bisexual Lesbians, after all!

To Nothing.
possible. mamitje, 19 Jul 2004 23:08
and still, what's wrong with that?

To Jepthah.
Nothing! Jepthah, 20 Jul 2004 05:44
And I look great in Drag!

To Nothing.
hahaha mamitje, 20 Jul 2004 07:58

To Rosibutterfly.
: ) Rosibutterfly, 20 Jul 2004 09:08
als u wenst ...!

To Nothing.
hahahahaha poo on my shoe, 22 Jul 2004 15:54
you are a funny reliq
now shoo

To Loey.
correctionhomophobic.here Loey, 13 Jun 2004 09:14
that's what YOU'RE talking about. Also, calling a bug with whom you've never shared an encounter before names is not endearing.

To Loey.
bi-gay-straight-orgy-lovinghomophobic.here Loey, 08 Jun 2004 05:02
for fuck's sake! In my opinion, PEOPLE are SEXUAL, like animals are sexual....Civilization requires you to display it with a label...

To Tomthumb.
bi-gay-straight-orgy-loving Tomthumb, 08 Jun 2004 07:44
Lol, you are not talking humans here, KNOB HEAD - we are talking BUGS! ;-)

To Nothing.
GOD LOVES YOUhomophobic.here JADA, 05 Mrt 2004 23:48

To Nothing.
Do you Unimpressed, 05 Mrt 2004 23:52
bark at the moon as well .... ?

To Joey.
bugs Joey, 06 Mrt 2004 05:06
want bark....

To Buzulefazul.
Buzulefazul, 06 Mrt 2004 05:32
Sometimes it's hard not to..

To Buzulefazul.
Also... Buzulefazul, 06 Mrt 2004 09:20
I revoke your caps lock key.

To Burrburr.
Oh me, Oh my Burrburr, 30 Apr 2004 22:17
Please no. Why why? I am a bee, hello hello I am a bee. I am The Bee. I do not smell of pee-pee and poo-poo.

To Marumaru.
I have a related problem...homophobic.here Marumaru, 29 Feb 2004 07:33
Sometimes I forget I'm not a gay boy. Because I'm actually a girl. I think I'm nuts.
The funniest thing ever is that sometimes I'm homophobic. &I start to think. What if I turned into a gay boy?
I'm at peace with being girlishly boytoyish, boyishly tomboyish, or basically just an ordinary guy, as long as I still get to be a girl (because, by default, I am) ~ but what would the neighbors think? & does anyone really care?

To Buzulefazul.
Oh man.. Buzulefazul, 29 Feb 2004 18:54
I have that problem every day of my life.. heh heh.

To Liefhebber.
do you? that's more important! Liefhebber, 02 Mrt 2004 00:40

To Nothing.
I hate homophobicshomophobic.here Queen, 14 Dec 2003 00:09
when they have big tits

To Nothing.
phobia/desirehomophobic.here beelzebubby, 17 Nov 2003 21:27
Sometimes I think I can understand what Homophobia must be like. As a (very good looking) gay man, I sometimes become a little concerned that girls may want to have sex with me. So there's that strange unnumbered percentage of the human race wandering around out there having inappropriate sexual thoughts about my person, some of them glazed with thier own desire, insensitive to its lack of reciprocality. I'm concerned that I might, in a moment of weakness, give way to these horrible aggressive sexual predators, and then feel icky later. The key difference must be that I'm usually not afraid that they'll follow me into a public restroom to check out my shit. In fact, I know gay men who would probably feel a need to redefine themselves if such a thing were to happen.

To Nothing.
continued... beelzebubby, 17 Nov 2003 21:27
But then I've had quite a number of ''straight'' men wonder aloud at me, with all sincerity, that because they've enjoyed sucking dick once or twice, if they shouldn't adopt the label of ''bisexual.'' I always tell them that bisexual isn't a label, but our natural state. Most straight people think of homosexuality as a kind of perversion. Rather than argue with this, I've embraced it. Now I believe all forms of sexuality are perversions. If they weren't, they'd bore us silly and the human race would become extinct... As a P.S. I'd add that it would be tidy if a phobia were the opposite of desire, but unfortunately for this postulate, I find most homophobics are wildcats once I get them in my bed.

To Nothing.
crisco me up meow, 18 Nov 2003 02:54
and ride me like a big boy

To Nothing.
sorryhomophobic.here af, 03 Nov 2003 02:11
I don't understand.
I'm sorry

To Sallymanda.
you seem as if you understand... Sallymanda, 03 Nov 2003 03:47
-no need to apologize.

To Angry.
Turn your head to the left Angry, 04 Nov 2003 15:02
Now Cough. (did the doctor seem to take pleasure in that ? )

To Sallymanda.
gee... Sallymanda, 04 Nov 2003 17:28
looks as if i'm about engage in the proverbial 69 with an angry cattapilla. It figures...

To Angry.
Mmmmm! Angry, 04 Nov 2003 19:22
I'm only angry about social injustice and political type things... and from your EFF post, you sound sexy to me. I'd be happy and honored to ''proverbial 69'' with you sally. (you can call me Christerpillar if ya want)

To Sallymanda.
''Christerpillar'' -I like that. Sallymanda, 05 Nov 2003 18:15
and from an angry cattapilla, no less. Perhaps you're simply misunderstood?

To Angry.
Awwwww Angry, 05 Nov 2003 20:37
yeah... that's it. I'm just ''misunderstood''... LOL

To Nothing.
hahahahahomophobic.here T, 25 Jun 2003 19:14

To Andie.
hahahahomophobic.here Andie, 11 Jun 2003 02:38
50, 60, 80%! i love it.

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