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To Lickthesquirrel.
Wow!intimate.here Lickthesquirrel, 13 Apr 2006 02:48
You have a wonderful and intoxicating mind, I wish I could meet you.

To Kaylaface.
meh? Kaylaface, 13 Apr 2006 07:51
who me?...

To Nothing.
:/ wowza, 24 Nov 2010 18:19
i dont get what i just seen

To Nothing.
hotintimate.here your mom, 06 Nov 2005 04:03
intimate ... hmm ur hot

To Nothing.
Not On mum's luggers, 06 Nov 2005 04:32
U big teat

To Killerbunnies.
intimate.here Killerbunnies, 29 Aug 2005 23:58
Intimacy is the basis of friendship and one of the bases of love. It may take several forms.


To Nothing.
Intimacy the basis of friendship? Stacy, 26 Aug 2006 01:04
What are you talking about....dude unless you have relationships with all your friends!!! Intimacy is something shared between lovers not friends but hey I don't know your friendship status!!!

To Tiddlybug.
hmmintimate.here Tiddlybug, 28 Jul 2005 14:45
sweet tghts .....

To Nothing.
titleYour call&mine.intimate.here namejjoppek, 18 Mei 2005 11:07
Would like to see more of these in my in-box so I could send them to friend's.

To Nothing.
sTrangeintimate.here Mariana, 19 Apr 2005 14:40
Very Intersting. I have nothing to say on Intimacy, but i think i like this website sTrange

To Nothing.
title.intimate.here bsdfs, 15 Apr 2005 08:52

To Rosanna.
I like itintimate.here Rosanna, 30 Dec 2004 19:01
very much

To Nothing.
eg vil ha mer anskar, 30 Mrt 2005 20:18
love it.....

To Nothing.
thank youintimate.here el, 30 Dec 2004 01:00
hello to anyone reading this. wherever you are and however youve discovered this site i wish you all the success possible in your life. and if i met you i would smile at you in the street.

To Starr.
Hi El, backatcha! Starr, 30 Dec 2004 01:01
and happy new year to you too! : )

To Nothing.
Aaaarrgh Kevin Killjoy, 30 Dec 2004 12:30
when people start smiling at you in the street it's usually a prelude to a machete attack

To Nothing.
My advice Kevin Killjoy, 30 Dec 2004 12:34
beware the stranger bearing rictus - or ricotta for that matter - a cheese in the face can be just as unpleasant

To Nothing.
Thanks :) My Name..., 15 Mei 2005 01:21
Success to you as well, friend.

To Nothing.
intimate.here Beautiful Stranger, 22 Dec 2004 18:21
I would never be intimate with a guy like you. Get a life.

4 3 2 1

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