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To Nothing.
Anyone there?itch.here Ezekiel but too tired to log in, 22 Sep 2004 04:42
i think i am in love with the dude that did this, i just dont know if he is there or not

To Ezekiel.
OK, i have logged in now Ezekiel, 22 Sep 2004 04:46
so yeah... the person who did this i hope is a guy coz i think i am in love with him

To Nothing.
wellitch.here jane, 14 Jul 2004 00:26
was it all worth it?

To Ezekiel.
huh? Ezekiel, 22 Sep 2004 04:47
was all what worth it?

To Nothing.
it's all in the hips it's all in the hip chub, 24 Sep 2004 09:27
as the title

To Wanderer.
wow this one worksitch.here Wanderer, 16 Apr 2004 19:29
it makes my brain (and arm) itch!

To Nothing.
ert name, 10 Aug 2004 22:12

To Ezekiel.
????????????? Ezekiel, 22 Sep 2004 04:50

To Nothing.
hey, that's a line from a song i wroteitch.here picasso, 14 Mrt 2004 02:16
it itches
but it doesn't burn
and slow
i'm too slow to scratch it

To Nothing.
question? -Bud, 11 Mei 2004 21:33
What goes on inside the mind of a water-skiing squirrel?

To Nothing.
homageitch.here yours, 07 Mrt 2004 06:38

To Nothing.
Qwestionitch.here lost and confused, 28 Feb 2004 07:58
How do I get out of here?

To Mork.
Answer Mork, 29 Feb 2004 19:55
Turn off your computer

To Peetzy.
Trust me Peetzy, 07 Nov 2004 21:46
You don't want to get out of here. You want to stay in as deep as you can. It's warm, confusing, expiring and exhausting. You need it.

To Nothing.
titlephylisophical ramblingsitch.here name fishmonkeythang, 05 Dec 2003 17:52
text perception is going mad

To Nothing.
Best siteitch.here Shaun, 11 Aug 2003 01:13
Since Superbad.Com

This is true freedom of speech, long live the InterNet and crazy people :)

To Violetstrang.
||||||| Violetstrang, 12 Aug 2003 22:57
superbad fucking rocks.


To Eisme.
two more cents: Eisme, 12 Aug 2003 23:10
yep, great site!!

To Nothing.
phylisophocal ramblings namemonkeyfishthang, 05 Dec 2003 17:55
hello,can anyone hear me?

To Nothing.
At first this site made me sad...itch.here Katryn, 19 Jul 2003 17:51
...to think that I couldn't have made it first. But then I realised that if everyone created beautiful things, they'd be less rare, and seem far less beautiful. It's sickeningly sentimental - but this place made me realise that in being ordinary, I'm helping to keep the world beautiful.

To Ezekiel.
beatiful? Ezekiel, 22 Sep 2004 04:49
go to this bit


To Nothing.
poetry mcg, 12 Okt 2004 17:38
this is poetry.

To Nothing.
title C'est fou...itch.here nameMarianne, 14 Jun 2003 15:25
textComplètement dément ce site, j'adore m'y perdre... A plus.

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