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To Kokarocha.
scratched but but not bruiseditch.here Kokarocha, 16 Okt 2005 15:03
scratch all you like.. i guess it wont make much of a difference if you don't, just the satisfaction of hopelessly getting rid of an annoying little inconvenience to move on to the next itch!

To Nothing.
slm name, 23 Okt 2005 17:21

To Minimalist.
minimalist: itchy lifeitch.here Minimalist, 12 Sep 2005 01:06
when it does, just rub it. but again,

it is getting itchier...

damn annoying. just like me. :(

To Nothing.
WTF?itch.here Foggy, 02 Sep 2005 18:49
I don't know about anyone else but i thought that was weird! You made me all itchy and scratchy now! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

To Nothing.
Itch, itch, shake, shakeitch.here Jes, 15 Aug 2005 16:42
I know how you feel.

To Insomniac.
?itch.here Insomniac, 19 Jun 2005 14:36
that was weird

To Nothing.
Morbid cravingsitch.here Steph, 27 Mei 2005 20:46
Ever feel like you have a craving that makes you justw ant to end it all? An urge to run away, and urge to sleep forever? An urge that feels good afterwards?

To Platina.
sec.itch.here Platina, 26 Mrt 2005 14:40

To Shesha.
nose pickeritch.here Shesha, 20 Mrt 2005 20:03
textit cool

To Nothing.
hooolaitch.here yoo jajaja, 08 Mrt 2005 18:43
hola soy chile y estoy en chile jajajajajaja

To Chrys.
Wildest Dreamsitch.here Chrys, 07 Mrt 2005 13:57
You aint done nothin' wrong

except hold the reins too long
Its time to let me try

and find my wings.

I aint what I used to be.

You are changin' same as me

Tho' Im not out to break my vows

my heart still dreams...

[In the years we've grown apart

so much different from the start.

Oh I keep a hidden sin

That you wont find.

You aint in my wildest dreams

As I sail across the sea

meetin' someone elses lover

In my mind.]

Is this how the trouble starts?

Just a whisper in the heart?

Just a stirrin', just a knowin'

way down deep.

Afraid to say it right out loud.

I want more than just the clouds.

When will it happen that I say it

in my sleep?

[ ]

To Nothing.
itch alanbug, 12 Sep 2005 04:50
rhymes with bitch and snitch (not snatch)

To Alchemist.
err... Alchemist, 30 Aug 2006 10:33
I hope that's not a country song.

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