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To Nothing.
this is shitlife.here ari, 16 Jan 2003 06:49
pretty much shit

To Nothing.
...life.here drunktippergore, 14 Jan 2003 15:50

To Nothing.
mrlife.here iva hardy, 23 Okt 2002 10:14
fcuk you mom

To Fix.
So life is a way to pass the timelife.here Fix, 22 Jul 2002 19:05
until you die?

Much in the same way that work is a way to pass the time until you retire?

Maybe not.

To Nothing.
life is a way to pass time Brewskey, 08 Aug 2002 07:46
There is no need to pass time when you can live forever!

To Nothing.
title life namenoone, 17 Dec 2003 21:26
life isnot fit with your difination .

To Nothing.
titleby farlife.here well, Nobody, of course, 15 Jul 2002 06:38
too many nobodies in the world. but of all the nobodies i have met and known, myself the first amongst equals, you seem the sweetest.

Yours truly,

yes, yes, yes


To Nutzzane.
For life islife.here Nutzzane, 05 Jul 2002 19:25
like a vapour that appear for a little while and vanished away.....like a dream.....false, but yet so real, so exciting........perhaps....life is nothing but a dream...........and suddenly u wake up!

To Nothing.
LIFE name, 14 Jul 2002 00:44
The most beautifull see,it´s the one we never saw,the most beautifull child,is not born yet.Our best days,are still yet to come,and the best of all that i have to tell you,and i never told you:I LOVE YOU...TODAY...AND ALWAYS...THAT IS WHAT LIFE ALL ABOUT!!!KISS

To Volatile.
life.here Volatile, 15 Mei 2002 13:11
Life is a gift. And gifts are OK. So there.

To Nothing.
gift?? webstar, 15 Mei 2002 18:36
life is a gift??!!?? well my life is the kind of gift u get of yur granny.... a bit crap

To Volatile.
Well... Volatile, 16 Mei 2002 13:56
It's STILL a gift, isnt it? ;)

To Nothing.
problem is webstar, 17 Mei 2002 17:57
yer but at least u can take it back to the shop to change it or hide it in the bottem of of yur draw (we all have that jumper in the some where.. life aint a gift it's something u make yur self bit by bit day by day.. no hand outs ,no freebees,just good old hard work.. and that sucks!!

To Englishbob.
Life is Englishbob, 27 Apr 2003 02:20
GREAT !!!!!!

To Nothing.
random.... ashley, 20 Dec 2002 21:08
Im going to a chinese christmas party and i think i feel that it might be ok not to be happy. but when you give out 15 gifts which you searched long and hard for, for people you care about, and you only get one back, does that say something about you or them??

To Wishful.
both Wishful, 15 Mei 2003 04:15
it says you are thoughtful, and well what it says about them is not important... It's always best to remember you are a good person though.

To Evilcandygirl.
Life is o.k... feelin finelife.here Evilcandygirl, 29 Apr 2002 12:14
Life is okay. Sometimes it can be bad and it makes you scream and cry and lie on your floor sobbing ''make it stop, make it stop'' while your very overweight cat tries to console you even though you know he is sad too because he would much rather be a turkey... And then life can be ho-hum and you sit on the bus waiting to get to school and trying not to fall asleep because people look at you strangely when you snore. and you get to school and say hi but they are too busy to talk... So you wait for your teacher to drive you away to another school where there are too many people just so you can use their darkroom but you can't open your own film canister without cutting yourself and you know that Josh would help you but you don't want to be alone with him in the dark closet... So you ask your teacher and he says ''Sure''. but you still feel kinda bad for dragging him away from his paper so you promise yourself that you will be less inept next time.
But then life can be good and you can be happy and play and laugh with people. You can do a dance at the talent show and sing and smile because you're not alone and go back to your cabin and talk with friends and drink tea and fall asleep knowing that you are loved and happy.
Then there are days where you feel at peace and you look at the sky and think ''I'm going to be o.k'' and even if that sky decided to swallow you whole you would still feel like things were looking up when in fact you would be the one looking down. You'd say to yourself, and anyone looking up right then, ''feelin fine''. And you would be.


To Rosanna.
je, jelife.here Rosanna, 23 Mrt 2002 02:20
This is great!!!

To Nothing.
titlefamilylife.here Adina Giedt, 24 Feb 2002 00:24
You are an ambassador from your family. Whatever you say or do will affect each and every member of your family.

To Nothing.
funny name, 23 Mrt 2002 02:18
I like this plane is funny

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