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To Nothing.
this all makes me want to live today...listen.here maripoosaw, 21 Feb 2005 02:50
this all makes me want to live today...until tomorrow, no, i'll be happy tomorrow

To Nothing.
Congealing Jelly Cubeslisten.here Polythene, 20 Feb 2005 23:29
What flavor do you prefer?

To Nothing.
Infidelitylisten.here Mook, 26 Okt 2004 16:21
Isn't it strange that you can fall out of love just as easily as you can fall into love...

To Nichole.
no... Nichole, 26 Okt 2004 16:29
i dont think so....the question is what makes you fall in and out of love in the first place?!

To Chrys.
Chemistry Chrys, 10 Mrt 2005 16:38
Pheremones. hormones. nostalgia based on scent, not logic. Hey you women... mother's milk smells like Vanilla. Wear vanilla. The men cant resist it. They crave the Mothering experience. But scent doesnt hold a relationship together. It takes support and involvement for other than your own satisfactions. If you dont concern youself with the other person's needs ''reciprocally'', then falling out of love is the inevitable result of depending on perfume.

To Insomniac.
FUKING LOVE Insomniac, 14 Okt 2005 22:29
its everywhere, taunting me. so hard to fall out of... no, i dont agree with you.

To Nothing.
all the men r hatefulllisten.here name, 31 Aug 2004 04:49
men always need women . as childs need.

To Bjorn.
Mysterylisten.here Bjorn, 09 Jun 2004 17:12
Perhaps he's on the other side...listening to you with a coffee can. You hear the can moving around...
Isn't it fun to be nosey?

To Nothing.
title aaabbblisten.here name, 26 Mrt 2004 11:28


To Ramses.
silence Ramses, 03 Mrt 2006 14:46
only mother nature once had silence while people made the noise everywhere the left their footsteps

To Nothing.
Suplisten.here Ur brother, 22 Feb 2004 08:24
u have a problem

To Alunaroc.
what is this anywaylisten.here Alunaroc, 22 Okt 2003 15:23
are you concerned about your weight?
we have the solution!
we'll beat the crap out of you >;)

To Nothing.
muziklisten.here evil, 22 Okt 2003 13:47
ROCK foreva

To Nothing.
hi rrr, 13 Okt 2005 19:49

To Nothing.
girlslisten.here just me...i'm a girl, 22 Okt 2003 13:02
women are infact so stupid that they ask for too much atention just by believing that they are the ''flowers'' that men should protect and care about...fu*k women that think like that

To Nothing.
Beautiful Stranger, 16 Okt 2005 00:41
We deserve the respect of men. If they think that we are not worthy of being treated like the amazing people that we are, then they are not worthy of the countless things we do for them. If a guy wants me to have his child, he better f*cking treat me like a flower! The only women that don't agree with that are cold nasty b*tches, or lesbians. *cough cough [just me... i'm a girl*

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