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To Lauramars.
Pocketslost.here Lauramars, 22 Feb 2004 16:21
The best place to find what you've lost is look in the last place you left it, even if you can't remember what you lost.

To Nothing.
SweatWaterAlcohollost.here angelsleep, 21 Feb 2004 11:26
and how does it feel when you're trying to fail and you succeed?

To Bjorn.
Perhaps...lost.here Bjorn, 18 Feb 2004 17:24
Perhaps you're not looking for anything...Perhaps you're looking for the person you're walking on...Perhaps you're looking for something to look for...I don't know, my mind's just wandering now...

To Nothing.
What body parts?lost.here Beedie, 15 Dec 2003 16:43
I would love to see the rest of the terrain.

To Nothing.
I think he's looking forlost.here The Holy Virgin of Smutness & Filth, 18 Okt 2003 23:43
my ¤¥¤

To Nothing.
Alone?lost.here gclab@sympatico.ca , 21 Jun 2003 20:05
Nobody is ever alone.
There is always somebody with us.
Of course it is we cab choice to ignore Him
but we do so at your own peril.
So choose....

To Nothing.
titleslost.here name, 12 Jun 2003 01:03

To Nothing.
whatlost.here papasmurf, 10 Mei 2003 06:04
It would be easier if I knew what to look for. What does it look like? Have I seen one before? Will I like it when I find it?

To Callgirl.
Anythinglost.here Callgirl, 27 Apr 2003 10:59
Is there anything I could do for you?

To Englishbob.
YES!!! Englishbob, 05 Nov 2003 17:01

To Nothing.
^_^lost.here who am i, 07 Apr 2003 19:02

To Aladore.
missing something Aladore, 07 Apr 2003 22:34
you didn't mention : what.
you should know What it is before you question it. Or you could be running in circles for a long time

6 5 4 3 2 1

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