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To Seekita.
mime.here Seekita, 29 Okt 2004 00:47
Your dreams change so many times. I don't think they ever stop changing, actually....

To Namelessnoise.
And..mime.here Namelessnoise, 21 Aug 2004 06:45
I wanted to be a magician.

To Auroravalles.
bug Auroravalles, 16 Okt 2004 12:16
don't worry, be happy


To Nothing.
mandalamime.here lucia, 09 Jul 2004 07:25

To Yvonne.
what about Morelli? Yvonne, 03 Apr 2005 21:21
Lucia, ''Rayuela'' was the best book I ever read...Remember Manu working in the circus with the CatMagician?? Love yvonne

To Nothing.
one foot in front of the othermime.here Loey, 17 Mei 2004 03:42
ambitions? i'm so sick of mine...always an obstacle, usually rooted in my own doing....just want to survive with some recognition that I'm worthy of my job, friendly sharing spirits,
and least amount of mental/emotional anguish possible from my superiors/those-by-whom-I-am- rated

To Transience.
Ambitionmime.here Transience, 09 Mrt 2004 03:07
I've always wanted to be an author.Genius.Love.Fanasy. Who knows or cares, anyhow?

To Yvonne.
I do Yvonne, 03 Apr 2005 21:25
I know the pain of sitting above the white sheet of paper or white screen waiting for typing... Thousand of ideas but your fingers cannot type...greetings from the ant

To Nothing.
I never get sickmime.here virginia, 22 Jan 2004 04:39
of this website.

To Mclarke.
Oh, you were not the only one... mime.here Mclarke, 11 Jan 2004 01:55
but in our silent selfishness, we were too busy sending our own signals, and we never took the time to look around at anyone else. Although I probably should have known from the greasepaint on your collar...

To Rosanna.
minemime.here Rosanna, 27 Jul 2003 04:39
my ambitions are big

To Vaquita.
I detest the mimesmime.here Vaquita, 02 Jul 2003 03:36
he mimes are so stupids... with his withes faces, and his t shirts... ajjjjjjjjjj

To Sallymanda.
weird. . . Sallymanda, 02 Jul 2003 03:41
i was actually thinking the exact same thought yesterday afternoon...Spoooooky!

To Nothing.
No leo, 15 Mei 2004 17:29
What is one thing more people hate than mimes, clowns, and a mime is the only thing in the world that can bring down a clown

To Missimpossible.
clownmime.here Missimpossible, 11 Jun 2003 13:40
i always wanted to be a clown... with a face covered with greasepaint.

4 3 2 1

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