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To Achilleshart.
The Amarans :: the past and the futuremister.here Achilleshart, 29 Jun 2006 22:50
Insects and ants of the world unite! Researchers in the high Andes have discovered a culture where they see the past and present in an entirely different way. The Aymarans see the past as something in front of them! I've written more about it in the tunnels of one of our websites. This moment is a sea change as far as I'm concerned!


To Nothing.
title999 name0ii, 16 Dec 2010 12:47

To Kyunash.
I wouldmister.here Kyunash, 08 Mrt 2006 20:51
ask the mister to politly leave. then he would pull a gun on me. i would ask him what he was doing. then id reach for my secret hidden police button under my computer desk (for emergencys). then he'd ask me what i was doing. i would nonchelontly ignore him. then the police would arive 7 hours later, after i had already been raped and killed. they would relize they made a mistake, and should have come sooner...but its too late now...mabie next time they'll be there.

To Nothing.
Yes, to me anyhow, 09 Mrt 2006 12:08
when you explain it step by step like that, it all makes sense

To Kyunash.
this is a title... Kyunash, 09 Mrt 2006 21:31

To Nothing.
FLIPPN hellmister.here ev!L, 21 Nov 2005 03:39
this site is sweet as. almost as sweet as my new-ly acquired cable unlimited INTERNET..!! woooooot!!!!!!!!

To Nothing.
fuckmister.here damn u, 07 Nov 2005 07:07
fuck it is

To Nothing.
Shut up and Throw your sausge into my Channel Tunnel, 08 Nov 2005 02:39
fuck me for the fucking bitch I am

To Nothing.
Reading is off the scale moron detector shows positive, 08 Nov 2005 08:45
top moron award

To Nothing.
''GrGr'' is the end of my namemister.here Gravytzapa, 18 Okt 2005 06:04
Nice site. :)

A tak-to daje ne znajy....
Mne mishki ponravilis.

To Chechu.
Hullo!!mister.here Chechu, 04 Sep 2005 22:04
It's a great site!! I found it by chance some time ago, now I'm a fan, hehe.
Good Luck!!!


To Nothing.
Titlelessmister.here cindyo, 18 Aug 2005 12:59
hi, i just stumbled upon this site, and have spent the last 30mins browsing. thats a record for me i think! Im comin back too, nice to find a site that can keep me guessing :) Thanks for making my waste of time enjoyable.

To Jackfalcon.
It gets very addictive Jackfalcon, 18 Aug 2005 14:03
Why not get yourself a bug?

To Nothing.
blaine the mono blaine the mono, 24 Sep 2005 08:50
blaine is a pain

To Nothing.
Himister.here Joe, 17 Aug 2005 20:53
Nice site.

To Nothing.
Well.mister.here Jes, 15 Aug 2005 16:08
I don't know if I like the sound of this Mister person.

To Nothing.
selammister.here aydan, 29 Jun 2005 19:31

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