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To Wunderlust.
Mothmoth.here Wunderlust, 21 Aug 2002 05:05
My 3yr old nephew saw a moth on the ceiling and screamed!I explained to him that it was just an ugly Butterfly and he meant no harm.
He asked what do they eat? I replied, ''Well, I dont know but I know that they like to eat wool.''He looked up at the ceiling again and asked if the ceiling was MADE of wool. His sister replied, ''No, but your underwear are!'' All hell broke loose after that!

To Nothing.
Moth - the monopoly is over knickergobbler, 28 Sep 2002 05:33
you can now get underwear - made out of some kind of ricepaper or sugar or something - much nicer on the gums than wool in the interstices...

To Nothing.
spirit.moth.here Samantha, 20 Aug 2002 05:12
I like to think that the spirit doesn't disappear when something dies... it comes back and floats around like a cloud of incense that makes one catch their breath with the memories that come flooding through with that certain sound, that feeling, that thing seen out of the corner of one's eye. never alone.

To Babyseal.
crazymoth.here Babyseal, 19 Aug 2002 18:33
bugs everywhere... I go crazy... help! Freaks!

I am so sorry for ''moth''... R.I.P.

I am the biggest freak in here... bye


To Nothing.
if i diemoth.here brechje, 06 Jun 2002 12:46
I want to be swallowed by a matchbox too...

To Nothing.
think of it...moth.here h2o, 31 Mei 2002 01:22
went to a better place...

To Nothing.
i have to askmoth.here the pigs, 20 Mei 2002 13:02
did u kill it?

To Annadel.
this is the last one...moth.here Annadel, 30 Apr 2002 04:57
smile, you've got the friendly one!

To Snarfleez.
[ Fzzt! ]moth.here Snarfleez, 09 Apr 2002 18:32
Like a moth to a flame. Aren't we all?

Do not deny yourself The Fool's first step; Become your passion's victim.
Eat the creme filling first.
Stars are meant to go supernova.

Be one with the flame, if only for a moment.
Live until it kills you.

To Nothing.
blink Ginger, 28 Aug 2002 21:37
Like a moth to a flame.

Or butterflies.

They're yours now, dear sister.

To Nothing.
i'm gladmoth.here bonj, 17 Feb 2002 13:56
it's outta this world!!!!

To Nothing.
automoth.here name, 14 Feb 2002 00:01
sad to hear.. or read rather.

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