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To Painter.
farewellmoth.here Painter, 10 Jun 2004 03:51
just a moth, or a fragile life due its own respect & integrity.
justified as a short, insignificant insect life
still, due its own life

To Omena.
perhaps this explains Omena, 27 Jun 2004 05:13
why your bug has the red face? ha ha... enjoy your two days of summer when they get to you!


To Bjorn.
I feel your painmoth.here Bjorn, 22 Feb 2004 19:24
A few months ago, I had a moth of my own. It was pink, much like Solemnity's bug. If I recall correctly it had green eyes...I had to let it go because it wouldn't eat anything I gave it. It was like losing a beautiful and understanding friend. Her name was Amani...

To Buzulefazul.
When i was young, there was Buzulefazul, 22 Feb 2004 23:03
a caterpillar that I raised. It made a coccoon, and when it came out it was, of course, a moth. I remember feeling hurt that it didn't seem to recognise me, anymore..

I didn't recognise it, either....

To Bjorn.
ah, youth Bjorn, 02 Mrt 2004 16:18
I always loved raising caterpillars. I remember the first time I raised a monarch and how sad I got when the cocoon turned black. Then I realized that the butterfly had not died, but rather was just about to emerge and spread it's glorious wings. Black does not always indicate death. As they say, it's always darkest before the dawn.

To Nothing.
... sam, 22 Jul 2004 01:14
true true

To Nothing.
my friendmoth.here randomthought, 17 Nov 2003 19:58
has a cat called moth

To Nothing.
now i'm sadmoth.here cathy, 27 Okt 2003 04:36
i feel like i lost a lil friend, even though i've never met the moth. maybe i'm just being silly

To Nothing.
yemrokmoth.here 82, 27 Sep 2003 20:49
0 1 0

To Nothing.
whatmoth.here name, 27 Sep 2003 20:48

To Ppy.
clutching on to a last strand of hope, moth.here Ppy, 21 Sep 2003 00:59
but even that must die...

To Nothing.
E-CARDSmoth.here ANONYMOUS, 18 Aug 2003 13:43

To Nothing.
oncemoth.here issa revising herself, 11 Jun 2003 10:05
when i saw the corpse of your moth, it reminded me of another moth that used to copulate to herself on the mirror. it was so sad. so human.

To Nothing.
oncemoth.here issa, 11 Jun 2003 10:03
when i saw the corpse of your moth, it remind me of another moth that used to copulate to herself in the mirror. it was so sad. so human.

To Ppy.
gg Ppy, 21 Sep 2003 01:01

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