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To Torch.
what are notches????notches.here Torch, 15 Mei 2006 09:54
notches on the bed... bec somebody slept on it?

To Torch.
where are my bug friends??notches.here Torch, 15 Mei 2006 09:53
hi guys!!! I miss u! do u still remember me? the red headed bug torch??? where's Rosi??

To Rosibutterfly.
t t t t t t t t t t t t torch .. Rosibutterfly, 15 Mei 2006 12:34
still as colour blind as ever eh? hihihihi (♥)

To Nothing.
ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ name, 02 Jul 2006 18:33

To Moneypenny.
somehow you Moneypenny, 15 Mei 2006 21:26
seem familiar

To Fredbeav.
could be!notches.here Fredbeav, 29 Apr 2006 19:11

To Infected.
desirenotches.here Infected, 08 Mrt 2006 15:52
a notch for each day so far away from her. probably he s notching his new bed now because she will not come back

To Nothing.
The meaning ofnotches.here Please enter your name, 22 Mei 2005 23:45
notches is lost to all but the creator. Like life.

To Watermoon.
How Long Do Bugs Live...notches.here Watermoon, 05 Mei 2005 23:22
A notch for each time you've died in your own bed.

To Nothing.
a notch for each gurl i bedded Cloe The Clit Snatcher, 07 Mei 2005 00:23
always enjoyin lyfe

To Seekita.
Perhaps...notches.here Seekita, 23 Okt 2004 03:33
..they were carved for the purpose of driving you into madness as you wonder what they are there for...

To Nothing.
good dayznotches.here Arch-loser, 07 Sep 2004 16:31
It is a record of how many good days i had

To Nothing.
NOW SEE,notches.here Chazwazza, 04 Feb 2004 23:46
I would've guessed termites got ya bed. But hey, what are ya gonna do?

To Lilyanne.
if i were you...notches.here Lilyanne, 04 Jan 2004 07:26
if there were notches on my bed, i'd pretend i put them there. that way, when someone asked what they were, i could say, ''oh, yeah, i put them there. i'm keeping track of all the people i hate.'' then i'd point at a notch and say, ''that one's you.'' that would teach them not to ask questions.

4 3 2 1

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