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To Nothing.
omg im sadouch.here MADMAN, 05 Jan 2005 20:56

To Nothing.
usually, name, 06 Jan 2005 03:28
i have to pee like a madman

To Nothing.
weird leapfrog, 06 Jan 2005 09:52
I know what you mean.

To Nothing.
usually name, 06 Jan 2005 23:07
I have to pee like a madwoman

To Nothing.
crazynessouch.here MADMAN, 05 Jan 2005 20:54
i've gone mad can any1 help me????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

To Nothing.
ouch.here Beautiful Stranger, 11 Dec 2004 00:26
I hate when I bump my toe

To Nothing.
'bout site..ouch.here Eliza, 13 Jul 2004 15:41
Needs a lttl bit mor images but original and fun 2!!

To Lotti.
how come...ouch.here Lotti, 10 Jun 2004 19:56
everytime I decide to make a move, my goal moves aswell. Will I ever reach it? I wonder

To Jul.
... Jul, 10 Jun 2004 20:30
change begets change.

To Gillis.
wonder no longer Gillis, 10 Jun 2004 23:06
or only more...


To Blaatman.
I've posted this before Blaatman, 11 Jun 2004 11:14
but I reckon it's worth it again.


To Nothing.
Infamy! Infamy! Pissed Pirate, 11 Jun 2004 13:03
Why do those hebrews have it in for me?

To Nothing.
Its a control ting chin up, 11 Jun 2004 13:44
probably bcos your not one of them and they dont understand u

To Wanderer.
i sort ofouch.here Wanderer, 12 Mei 2004 19:27
have a problem like this. whenever i nearly (or completely) walk into someone, i yell ''ahhh! a person!'' i dont know why...

To Saga.
to everybody..... Saga, 12 Mei 2004 21:25
this person is not me. The wanderer stole my bug dress.....thief!

To Sis.
it looks better on you Sis, 12 Mei 2004 21:26
anyway... :)

To Saga.
thanks Sis... Saga, 12 Mei 2004 21:30
You're a good sis....:)

To Buzulefazul.
Even though you're both evil... Buzulefazul, 12 Mei 2004 22:35
Sis and Kelly, I mean... haha... yes, I must agree. Kelly, you are a fine looking bright-winged hopper.

To Mascarabug.
Lost Bugouch.here Mascarabug, 02 Feb 2004 17:39
Did you find your bug?

To Nothing.
I lost my bug, ouch.here sophsgran, 13 Jan 2004 07:51
Where did my bug go??? I want it back. I feel naked without my body.
Has anyone found a dead bug?

To Oberea.
Uhh Ohh... Oberea, 15 Jan 2004 18:37
We just did an autopsy!!

To Nothing.
bug sats, 17 Jan 2004 05:35

To Nothing.
ouch.here îùä, 03 Jan 2004 19:43

To Ghostrider.
Write Your Lifeouch.here Ghostrider, 05 Jan 2003 08:04
So busy capturing the essence of the moment that you forget to live it?

I'd like to think that I have a lot in common with you, but it seems like everyone thinks that. I suppose we all want to be as intellectual as you and so we draw connections that aren't really there. But then again, maybe everyone does feel these things and you are able to bring them out and express them...

To Nothing.
interesting gabbi, 23 Apr 2003 15:12
dat was very stupid

To Nothing.
relaxing my stress Reenie SR, 14 Jan 2004 20:44
Someone sent me a link to the bears as a way to de-stress. I explored the site in Dutch before I found the link to the English version of your site. Very entertaining!

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