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To Nothing.
neisepeace.here name, 31 Jan 2003 19:42
what the hell?

To Nothing.
40,2410peace.here 110202101201201010121, 31 Jan 2003 13:37

To Nothing.
I like bugs name, 31 Jan 2003 15:58
bugs are cool

To Nothing.
...peace.here drunktippergore, 14 Jan 2003 16:03
i play with fire too

To Nothing.
I really like this sitepeace.here Ben, 10 Nov 2002 14:58
thats all.

To Nothing.
Awesome Rosemary, 01 Mei 2003 02:46
I liked it

To Nothing.
pisst offpeace.here forgot, 22 Okt 2002 12:58
in real i think it would be best to burn the people behind the weapons.. (yeck!..) weapons may be crumbled to dust and ashes but the dust in some peoples brains is just never getting fucking swept

To Yopwer.
_ Yopwer, 09 Dec 2003 19:00
full moon, half moon...total eclipse. there will never be peace. it is impossible. i would like to think we could all live in harmony. but it was not meant to be and it never will be.

To Peapod.
Peacepeace.here Peapod, 16 Okt 2002 17:32
requires a dramatic gesture--something involving fire and destruction. Otherwise, no one is interested.

To Yopwer.
q Yopwer, 09 Dec 2003 19:02
peace recquires sacrifice of much hatre and most people cannot let go.

To Volatile.
One day I'll be kingpeace.here Volatile, 14 Mei 2002 15:45
thoughtful, just thoughtful. Or maybe a little bit insane... naah, just thoughtful...

To Nothing.
liger-0-shnyderpeace.here Marcie, 03 Mei 2002 18:32
ha ha ha!!! the burning water pistol was a nice touch!!! the comments above are spelled wrong!

To Nothing.
Rogue Germ, 14 Aug 2003 02:10
When did you last see a peaceful fly? Never...never..nev...er..

To Nothing.
Hippiepeace.here Jeannine, 15 Apr 2002 23:41
What did you put in my drink?

To Nothing.
you are a strange genius Alice in Wonderland, 16 Apr 2002 23:28
The moth dying is the saddest thing I've seen in a long time...why did it die? I myself can relate, I have a similar story -- when i was five years old on a vacation to the Adriatic, I was entering the water when this octopus that was lurking near the rocks stole my plastic sandal...it took it right off my foot...I'm not lying about this...I naturally cried and cried until my dad got his friend to dive with a water gun...he found my shoe in some small crevice underwater and shot the octopus and we had it for dinner that night....but later, in retrospect, i was rather sad about this...

To Uraura.
The first voice peace.here Uraura, 03 Apr 2002 09:24
The most dangerous thing is human,so just throwing weapons away doesn't make real peace.
At the same time,human can creat even God.
It means we can creats weapon & peace.
What a stupid and lovable creature we are!

Oops! I deleted someone's comment to this topic by mistake! Sorry.
I think weapon can teach you what peace is,and peace can't.

To Godspeed.
what about Godspeed, 04 Apr 2002 16:47
Yoh there!... hello.... what about love and creating good thing's for humankindness such as: music, art. The big issue to day is there are to many people waisting energy about good and right.

To Scritz.
The second voice Scritz, 13 Apr 2002 07:51
i don't think peace is a part of human nature. just let nature run it's course, because you can't change it.
......and there is no God.

To Englishbob.
Yes there is a God, Englishbob, 28 Mrt 2003 06:45
and I'm watching you Scritz!!!

To Nothing.
peace is as real as love jeffrey_usa, 08 Jun 2003 10:00
and both are in me even though they don't rule my country, yet.

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