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To Nothing.
friendpet.here name, 16 Aug 2004 15:41

To Mfg.
chicks > frogspet.here Mfg, 22 Jul 2004 16:45
i have chosen chicks. but as i see most of the people have chosen frogs.
in fact it is quite the contrary.
as i first ticked the frog (cuz i have chosen frog), it divided and the chick ate them.
but other people ticked chick (cuz it is cute:))
then the frog ate them.
i call this freud's hede hodo.

To Alexlover.
.......pet.here Alexlover, 20 Jul 2004 17:45

To Nothing.
Hellopet.here Tanya, 20 Jul 2004 17:37
Hello!! HOws it going?

To Nothing.
frightfully well old gal What ho !, 21 Jul 2004 00:35
and how about yourself my old spifferoon

To Nothing.
Maziepet.here Mazie, 05 Jun 2004 21:29
Love You All!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Nothing.
Leuk,pet.here Max, 01 Jun 2004 18:40
dit noem je zeker ''ecologische drift''

To Rosibutterfly.
Rosibutterfly, 02 Jun 2004 10:32
Frogs have it easy. They can eat what bugs 'em.

To Eureka.
Very funny Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 10:13
Wish I could... Yummy Dev-Vrat!

To Nothing.
patpet.here daisy, 24 Mei 2004 06:36
is ther anybody?

To Nothing.
i want to go in hellpet.here sara b sarwar, 21 Mei 2004 21:55
hi all i love to talk to u guys

To Nothing.
frogspet.here barb, 12 Mei 2004 01:15
Congrats. You are so very talented!

To Oberea.
Ewww.. Oberea, 12 Mei 2004 15:55
They are?

To Nothing.
i love u father sara b sarwar, 21 Mei 2004 21:56
i love my father

To Wanderer.
i love thispet.here Wanderer, 06 Mei 2004 22:02
it makes me feel weird, but i love watching it. i wonder if frogs really eat chickens.. or the other way around...

To Mork.
crunchy Mork, 07 Mei 2004 00:40

To Mork.
um Mork, 07 Mei 2004 04:40
I: Then we have Number Four, Number Four: ''Crunchy Frog''.

H: Ah, yes?

I: Am I right in thinking there's a real frog in 'ere?

H: Yes, a little one.

I: What sort of frog??

H: A... dead frog.

I: Is it cooked??

H: We use only the finest baby frogs, dew-picked and flow from Iraq, cleansed in the finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple-smooth treble-milk chocolate envelope, and lovingly frosted with glucose.

I: That's as may be, but it's still a frog!

H: What else?

I: Well, don't you even take the bones out??

H: If we took the bones out, it wouldn't be crunchy, would it?

I: Constable Clitoris et one of those!

C: Er, would you excuse me a moment, sir? (Constable exits quickly)

To Mork.
... Mork, 07 Mei 2004 04:42
I: We have to protect the public! People aren't going to think there's a real frog in chocolate! Constable Clitoris thought it was an almond whirl! They're bound to think it's some sort of mock frog!

H: Mock frog?! We use no artificial additives or preservatives of any kind! (Constable re-enters)

I: Nevertheless, I advise you in future to replace the words ''Crunchy Frog'' with the legend ''Crunchy Raw Unboned REAL DEAD FROG,'' if you want to avoid prosecution!

H: What about our sales?

To Colinastra.
HA HA HA Colinastra, 07 Mei 2004 08:30
I like that Mork :)

To Nothing.
Colinastra Mindy, 07 Mei 2004 09:22
stay away from my Mork!!

To Dawn.
Sorry Mindy Dawn, 07 Mei 2004 10:05
It should say: HA HA HA ..... Mork ''I like that'' My punctuation is crap :) Although I do like Mork I would never step on your toes Mindy.

To Nothing.
With this No, 07 Mei 2004 12:57
But it beggars the questions in the first place and willl the next line be the same? that is what you can't afford to care about -- who ever you think you are and it's no one of our business to bother to think twice about in the first place

To Dawn.
Absolutely...... Dawn, 07 Mei 2004 13:29
And if things don't get any better soon the tadpoles will have to be sold to buy a wheelbarrow for my neighbour's son who makes yellow jelly for childrens parties on thursdays throughout the summer months.

To Salote.
Tasty frog Salote, 07 Mei 2004 14:39
concoctions? See The movie Triplets of Bellville!!!

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