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To Odious.
hmpresent.here Odious, 03 Jan 2007 22:41
it reminds me of some sort of monster speaking german... no offense to the friendly people of duetschland. no wonder you've been feeling a bit different recently. i like to make its eyes go in different directions :)

To Spluch.
hihihih Spluch, 18 Jan 2007 16:36
so do i!

To Nothing.
lk;k;k ;kl;k;, 01 Jul 2007 16:06

To Nothing.
lk;k;k ;kl;k;, 01 Jul 2007 16:06

To Nothing.
w3present.here nono, 24 Okt 2006 15:46
i hated it

To Oggy.
scary!present.here Oggy, 12 Jul 2006 11:44
oh my god! o got so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didnt know it was gona start doing toungs!!!!!!!

To Bugoggy.
hey old self Bugoggy, 02 Jan 2007 15:12
hihihih some times i miss my old box

To Nothing.
That scared the crack out of me!!!present.here No Name , 26 Jun 2006 18:39
The buttons were so iresistable. I couldn't help but to push it only to encounter a very frightening face.

To Accalia.
sooo Accalia, 26 Jun 2006 19:04
You are now a crack-free mite?

To Nothing.
I'm hungry (insert name here, 10 Sep 2006 01:35
did you know that

To Bugoggy.
nope Bugoggy, 02 Jan 2007 15:12
but il shor sleep better now that i know that

To Nothing.
Jabapresent.here Toe Nail, 22 Jun 2006 18:30
I love it, screwing with the mind! delusional but cool.

To Nothing.
Pedanticitypresent.here Silent Franklin, 29 Mei 2006 16:16
Out of my entire lexicon the word I most despise is pedantic!!! Muhahahahahahahahaha.....Evil genius cartoon character! Maybe! Crazy? Maybe! LOnely. Yes. What is tro be lonely than to be without. You have been weighed. You have been measured. And you have been found wanting.

To Nothing.
bizarropresent.here simoreia, 23 Mei 2006 14:20
Não entendo as maluquices desse cara. Acho que ele foi muito massacrado no passado, teve uma infância ruim, sei lá...

To Jesseka.
That's...present.here Jesseka, 21 Mei 2006 20:03
..pretty bizarre.
In so many ways.

To Nothing.
Hey namelisacambridge, 24 Mei 2006 00:51
hi Jezza, just wanted to say your butterfly is soooo.... beautiful, that's all.

To Jesseka.
hey hey Jesseka, 24 Mei 2006 03:34
Why thank you.

To Nothing.
um random! Bj, 05 Jun 2006 23:10

To Fredbeav.
Thats right, tell it how it is!present.here Fredbeav, 29 Apr 2006 18:47
Blarr blarr balrr blab ba!

To Kyunash.
no fair!present.here Kyunash, 08 Mrt 2006 20:43
man, i want a toy like that...that looks really fun! like...cheese...and lobsters...living lobsters...yea. thats the life baby!

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