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To Wunderlust.
On being cool...puzzle.here Wunderlust, 21 Aug 2002 04:12
Everyone is so concerned these days of being cool...so what do they do? They meld together in a messy outrageous clump and end up looking like copy-cats of each other. It seems that I am too young to be so cynical but why not try being yourself and if you like who YOU are..then that is Cool baby!

To Nothing.
Why try so hard?puzzle.here Aquavitae, 06 Jun 2002 16:36
well i think the puzzles would fit but it just wouldn't turn out to be the pic on the right...anyway, whether it applies to the fixing the puzzle or being cool, why try so hard? Life is abt having fun, who cares if u get it right and if u're cool. Ultimately it should all be abt how u feel abt yrself.

To Nothing.
HHIIIpuzzle.here Flea, 02 Mei 2002 02:23
I just like clicking on the guy who say ''hi''

To Elmo.
Yup Elmo, 10 Jun 2002 20:10
I do too, he sounds funny and twinkles

To Nothing.
... Jade, 01 Okt 2004 01:09
I'm not sure if he's saying 'hi' anymore. After clicking him lots of times in a row the sound is kind of warped.

To Spiffo.
i've confused myself. puzzle.here Spiffo, 01 Mei 2002 09:05
cool is boring! being un-cool is part of being an individual, and thats cool. but not the boring type of cool, the other kind... let me start again...

To Nothing.
Lost Shann, 02 Mei 2002 16:33
Are we lost or have we been found and we do not know it?

To Nothing.
Oink!puzzle.here Oink!, 19 Apr 2002 19:44
cool? not really... but at least you don't fart too oftenly.

To Snarfleez.
[ Almost? ]puzzle.here Snarfleez, 15 Apr 2002 20:28

Maybe if I keep trying. I think I'll get it right this time. I can be cool! I can fit in!
Hey... where's everyone going!
I've almost got it.
Can I come too?

To Nothing.
no. austin, 04 Mei 2002 12:20
fuck off.

To Nothing.
11puzzle.here name11, 07 Apr 2002 14:24

To Rosanna.
You are coolpuzzle.here Rosanna, 25 Mrt 2002 02:03
Maybe handsome, I did´nt solve the puzzle ;)

To Nothing.
Fish Guppy, 05 Jun 2002 16:51
Fish are not allowed to play golf

To Imawkward.
Nopuzzle.here Imawkward, 24 Mrt 2002 17:40
This puzzle can not be solved. The facial expressions and pieces do not fit and of course that was the exact point the author was going for. He wants to show that he will never be cool, that he will never ''fit''.

To Nothing.
solved?puzzle.here wayne, 26 Feb 2002 05:53
i would like to see the solved puzzle

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