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To Nothing.
spiderpuzzle.here Bergson, 04 Okt 2003 17:46
a realidade é apenas um caso particular do possível

To Cinema.
COLOMBIApuzzle.here Cinema, 09 Aug 2003 09:19
Estoy en Barcelona pasando mis vacaciones y aunque ha sido del putas estar fuera de Madrid unos días, hoy extraño muchisimo mi hogar en Colombia: mi familia, mis amigos, mi vida, mi todo...

To Nothing.
I would rather be...puzzle.here Vanessa, 16 Apr 2003 07:24
slightly warmish, but not too hot. i moved to australia because england is too cool. but then, when it gets hot i go to the beach and swim in water which is cool. but that doesn't make me cool, just less hot.

To Katscafe.
doubtfull Katscafe, 17 Apr 2003 01:03
than to be sure of everything
slightly weaker
than to be strong
and never havin to ask for help

To Hilgss.
i don't like new topicspuzzle.here Hilgss, 29 Mrt 2003 09:38
i want things to run in one direction for a good long time but that's a hard thing when the mind is so easily distracted-- but that's when i feel best-- no interuptions.. unfortuneately that's hard to achieve when your surrounded by scattered lunatics

To Haminaxx.
no!!!puzzle.here Haminaxx, 11 Dec 2002 14:40
*cough* i dont think u could ever be cool, as defined by society, because u think to much, u have a beautiful depth far beyond what everyone else searches for in their shallow copy-cat ways...

To Nothing.
..........puzzle.here is it ludmilla? angie? moretta??? , 21 Nov 2002 13:42
not to interested in the matter of being cool or not.. what would be of more interest, is how many fucking funny faces youve been pulling to make sure youll never be put together by anyone. impossible anyway... brrrr i think youd make me shiver anyway if id meet you on your nowhere planet..

To Nothing.
As a librarian once said.....puzzle.here C.M.O.T. Dibbler, 08 Nov 2002 14:58

To Hilgss.
Jasa Hilgss, 29 Mrt 2003 09:43
theres some real shady characters hanging out in public library's....i once noticed that someone was following me, peering at me through the spaces between books on the shelving units.. i pretended i didn't notice him.......

To Nothing.
This I tell myself...puzzle.here Veda, 05 Okt 2002 00:22
The clearer your grasp of the concept of ''coolness'', the further away you are of being it.

To Nothing.
What ? Tepid, Warm, Hot, 05 Okt 2002 03:15
What on earth does this mean ?

To Hilgss.
I know how to be cool Hilgss, 29 Mrt 2003 09:49
No way..that's where you're all wrong..if you just know what a given person or clique wants you can be ''cool'' in any situation which also helps to keep you safe from the opinions of the common lunatic, who, given the chance would try to destroy you. they're vicious!

To Hilgss.
sad sicky person with no tea Hilgss, 29 Mrt 2003 09:59
it's terrible to have tonsils that are trying to close off breathing space i wonder if i could just get them cut out tommorrow so i didn't have to live through another day of this misery! i don't like being a shut in anymore-- it did start out funny though...- why wont this cold find someone else!!

To Nothing.
bonjour Mary, 28 Jan 2004 15:30
coucou ça va

To Stripe.
Puzzlepuzzle.here Stripe, 06 Sep 2002 02:58
I don't think cool means what you think it means.

To Nothing.
titleööêö nameúõ.ó, 16 Sep 2002 18:14

To Hilgss.
person who likes puzzles Hilgss, 29 Mrt 2003 09:52
puzzles are good fun unless you're feeling frustrated already

To Nothing.
WHY?puzzle.here Portia, 31 Aug 2002 01:13
Why try to be cool? You're faaaaar more interesting.

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